The Start of an Adventure


The idea for SpareMyTime started in our real-life situation – trying to juggle work and kids whilst managing our never-ending to-do list.

Every time we needed something done we inevitably ended up paying way too much and getting frustratingly mediocre results in return. Furthermore, our hard-earned weekends were spent trying to catch up with the practicalities of life, rather than enjoying time with our family and friends.

I soon realised that there are a wealth of great smaller businesses operating within our local community: friendly, reliable and trustworthy with a focus on great quality.  These companies are often overlooked by customers (like us) who don’t have the time to make an informed choice, opting instead for bigger firms on the basis that, as they are more expensive, they “must be ok”.

On the other side, it turns out that a number of these lovely providers struggle with the never ending admin of running a business.  Days can be spent at a desk invoicing rather than doing the job they love and looking after customers.

On SpareMyTime we have worked hard to build a platform that connects discerning customers to a selection of hand-picked smaller businesses.  We look to champion local and support those focusing on quality, whilst at the same time alleviating the hassle of admin for everyone.

Me and mine

What is 

On you can search, book and pay for hand-picked, top quality local services, whilst effortlessly striking off jobs from your to-do list.

Our goal is to take the hassle out of getting things done and help you every step of the way.  We believe feedback is king, so all our service providers are rated and reviewed by past customers.  Finding it tough to choose?  Get in touch and we’d love to help you find the right provider for your job.  All of our service providers are small, local businesses who believe in quality and customer care so you won’t be disappointed.  We also know that admin is a hassle and there are just not enough hours in the day, so all booking and payment is online and simple.  Leaving you more time to enjoy your free time.

Who is SpareMyTime for 

SpareMyTime is aimed at anyone looking for quality, looking to support local and looking to tick some of those jobs off their to do list.

What in covers 

SpareMyTime covers most jobs that any busy home dweller may find on their to do list and many more besides – painters, plumbers, pointers, window makers, carpenters, gardeners, builders all the way through to waste removal, bike services, PAs, dog walkers, hairdressers, singing teachers and beyond! The list grows each time we meet a brilliant service provider that shares our values of quality and customer care!

What area it covers 

As we live in Fulham, starting in South West London seems a sensible plan.  However a number of our service providers will service other areas of London, so it’s always worth checking.   We also hope to grow where the demand takes us so please do let us know if Sparemytime is something you need in your area!

SpareMyTime on Instagram

For those of you lovely people visiting the blog via Instagram (@sparemytime – where I am completely delighted to have reached 4,000 followers!), thank you so much for your support!  As the profile suggests (2 kids, 2 cats, 1 husband and a start up) my Insta has a distinct lack of plumbers, painters, caterers etc.  It’s not that I don’t completely love the businesses that we support it’s just my instagram reflects the things that keep me occupied on a day to day basis:

  • supporting small business
  • kids fashion & entertainment
  • general lifestyle bits and bobs
  • when I’m very lucky a bit of travel 😉

We love collaborations so please do get in touch

The SpareMyTime blog – our next adventure

The SpareMyTime blog is our next adventure.  The blog reflects the key themes running through the website and our instagram – to provide a reliable resource for the time strapped.  Whether it’s shopping for a christening or those first few weeks dealing with a newborn or achieving that ever elusive work-life balance, we’ll be asking some of the wonderful experts we know to contribute along the way.  It goes without saying we’ll also be supporting small and local…

Please do get in touch with any ideas for either our Instagram, Blog or  We love hearing from you!









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