Pom Pom Ponchos

Maybe it’s the weather or maybe I’m just coming over all Autumn, possibly these snuggly pieces of winter wear from @pompomponchos are just too adorable not to covet.

A bit about them:

PomPomEtte Hannah was a new mum to Barney two years ago and just like a lot of new mums she found Granny excitedly knitting baby clothes. Absolutely loads of them. Wardrobe after wardrobe of outfits. But Hannah’s favourite was always the poncho. She enjoyed the many compliments that she got everywhere she went but most of all she loved how easy it was to put the poncho on her little Barney when she was in a rush (which come to think of it was most of the time!). Popping it straight over his head and not having to worry about pulling his little arms through a jacket was so easy and was often envied by the other mums! She discussed her new found love for the knitted poncho with her friends, Jess and Helene, and it was from here the idea started to develop.

After months of working with a British knitter to perfect the design they believe they have developed an item of clothing for girls and boys that is practical, warm , individual and something that will last.


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Why we love them:

When its wild and windy outside, who wouldn’t want to cuddle up in one of these super soft gems.  British made from Alpaca wool, just pick your colour, choice of button, pompom and size – ‘little pom’ or ‘big pom’. Boom.  Snuggly magic.

Our top pick:

It’s pretty hard to chose one combination above another but if pushed we’d go for navy with neon pink buttons and pompom. Do they come in adult size…



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