With half term coming to an end, many of us have been pushed to our limits on the ‘can I watch the TV’ conundrum.  We got so desperate we banned week time TV and screens altogether.  BUT there is another option.  Time tokens have tackled the issue head on and come up with a genius solution.

A bit about them

Time tokens is a fun, simple pack that helps you manage your child’s screentime.

Mumpreneur, Amanda Bucknall and her son Harry (then aged 7) came up with the concept of Time tokes after a ‘horrid half-term’ in 2015.  They put their heads together and created TimeTokens, a simple system that helps children aged 5-10 to monitor and manage their OWN screentime.

Later down the line Amanda teamed with Claire Denholm, TimeTokens soon was creating a really positive buzz with fellow mums and dads.  It also stirred plenty of interest with professionals; osteopaths, GPs, psychologists, teachers and school heads.  All have praised the benefits of empowering children with their own system. As Dr Nanda Sheehan says ‘I may have a PHD in Education, but the TimeTokens pack is of more value to my 9-year old son… It works, because he is in charge.’

How it works

Here’s how it works ….

  • TimeTokens are delivered by post to your child.
  • Inside their pack they’ll find a bunch of stuff including a welcome note, TimeTokens cards, Golden Ticket, Wallet, LCD timer and the all important Promise Contract
  • You and your child agree the total amount of screentime allowed each week and sign the Promise contract together.
  • Now your child is in charge!
  • Whenever they want some screentime they hand over TimeTokens from their wallet, let’s say the one for 30 minutes, and start their timer. When the timer beeps, that’s the end of their 30 minutes.

When all the TimeTokens in their wallet are used up, no more screentime until next week
when their wallet is filled up again… so lots of time for other stuff!


Where to get them

Time tokens cost £15.95 and can be bought via amazon or via the company website

Each TimeTokens wallet contains:
  • TimeTokens Promise Contract
  • TimeTokens cards
  • Digital LCD Timer (battery included)
  • Golden Ticket
  • Introduction to The Frazzles

And all packs come with a full money back guarantee if notified within 7 days.

What we think

Time tokens are a genius idea.  What’s not to love about a child and parent friendly means of managing screen time.  We found the pack flexible and fun to use and as we all know, kids love to be in charge!  Unleashing the the tokens during half term could have been a bit ambitious but the kids really embraced the concept and quickly transitioned into their own strictest screen disciplinarians.  And best of all, as parents we are no longer the baddies issuing a flat “no” – turns out taking away 5 minutes of screen time is WAY more effective!

So if you’re looking for a solution to your kids turning into screen time monsters, definitely give it a go.











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