Easter holidays part 1: kids clubs

With the holidays on the horizon our next 3 posts will be dedicated to keeping the kids active and happy.  We’ll be covering kids clubs, activities in London and finally our favourite easter crafts.  We hope by the end of the series you’ll feel fully prepped to take the holidays head on and enjoy every moment.

Here to kick off is Part 1:  Kids clubs.  We’ve selected the clubs which show a great balance of creativity and activity.  There are plenty more out there so don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need a hand with your search or if you have any ideas.

First Hand Experiences

Theme: outdoor and nature-based ‘first-hand experiences’

Contact:  http://firsthandexperiences.co.uk

Location: Fulham Palace, Fulham

Details: 3-11 years; 8:00am – 4:30pm

  • £300: One week + £270: Sibling 1 + £240: Sibling 2
  • £65: Daily rate + £55: Siblings


Palace Pioneers: Ages 3-5 – We truly believe that children are active learners who thrive on a nourishing diet of outdoor and nature-based ‘first-hand experiences’. Fulham Palace provides a fantastic location for our day camps, with its inspirational walled garden, woodland dell and our indoor facilities, the spacious and bright Education Centre.

Our specially curated sessions for 3-5 year olds are tailored to the needs and rhythms of pre-school/primary aged children. Interspersed between the more structured activities, The Palace Pioneers programme has more room for child-led exploration and play, which is so vital to this age group’s development.

Exploring nature: Taking inspiration from their outdoor experiences either in the garden or the woods, children will create nature-based art & craft, relax and unwind with yoga and learn inspiring song and dance.

Whole food adventures: Our soil to spoon approach is an essential part of this programme. Each session children will learn to grow and tend to our own mini allotment. The group will be taken on exciting ‘whole food adventures’ with our camp chef to provide tasty meals that will fuel them throughout the day.

The Wild Explorers: Ages 6-11 – The Wild Explorers programme is for children aged 6-11 to explore London’s wild green spaces. Our schedule of activities is carefully curated by our experienced team, striking a perfect balance between our children’s safety and the creativity of each meticulously planned first hand experience.

When not on a trip, we also provide a well-resourced space at Fulham Palace to use as our pick up and drop off point and base for indoor activities such as art, craft, music and cooking. Children will learn to make their own fresh lunch and snacks with our designated camp chef each day. The children’s inspired creations will be showcased each week with a Friday performance that celebrates their first hand experiences in style.

You will find a selection of themed weekly programmes that are unique in their richness and unrivalled in their quality.

 Little Forest Folk

Theme: Connect children back to nature, inspiring them to live a naturally healthy lifestyle

Contact: www.littleforestfolk.com

Location: Barnes, Chiswick is now fully booked, Fulham is now fully booked, limited spaces at Wandsworth and limited spaces at Wimbledon

Details: 3-7 yr olds; 9.30am -3.30pm; cost n/a

About: We will be outdoors all day, every day, come rain or shine!

Little Forest Folk was established to give children – including our own – the chance to grow up with a sense of awe and freedom as part of their everyday lives.  Our nurseries connect children back to nature, inspiring them to live a naturally healthy lifestyle that builds resilience, confidence, independence and self-motivation – all the tools they need for a happy and successful life.

We want to offer this generation the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful outdoors childhood that many of us were fortunate enough to have experienced but that children in London are sadly now missing out on.

We follow the core Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, and incorporate learning in a safe and secure outdoor environment, where free play, fresh air, exposure to the natural world and physical activity are an integral part of learning.

Little House of Science

Theme:  Science

Contact: www.littlehouseofscience.com

Location: Imperial College South Kensington

Details: 4-11 years, Daily Tuesdays-Thursdays, 09.30-3.30pm; £240 per 3 days/ £80 per day


3-5 April 2018               Easter Science Lab: Physics
10-12 April 2018           Easter Science Lab: Chemistry
17-19 April 2018           Easter Science Lab: Geology

Physics Lab
Little House of Science invites the Little and Young Scientists to explore the fascinating world of Physics. On day 1, we cover what atoms, quarks and neutrinos are and why we study them? We will teach about forces, the laws of motion, light, sound and temperature, we will also test hypotheses and learn various scientific laws.  On day 2, the children will get familiar with the work of Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Archimedes, Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla and Benjamin Franklin.  We will also explore the laws of aerodynamics and will focus on astrophysics and latest discoveries in this field on day 3.

Chemistry Lab
Chemistry is everywhere! On day 1, the children will start with physical chemistry and learn about elements, molecules, chemical reactions, reverse reactions, compounds and mixtures. Day 2: What are crystals and polymers? What are acids and alkalis and what are reversible reactions?  We will spend time exploring the properties of the most important compound on Earth, Water.  Also, what is special about Carbon and what is carbon footprint?  On day 3, we will learn about the discoveries of Marie Curie, Dmitry Mendeleev and  Louis Pasteur.

Geology Lab
Day 1: The children will develop scientific understanding of the Earth structure and natural processes (erosion, landslides, earthquakes).  We will also explore the geological properties of the Moon and Planet Mars. Day 2: We will learn about diverse types of rocks, their physical properties and life cycles. Day 3: Will explore how mountains form, learn about plates tectonics and volcanoes. The children will also learn about the geology of crystals and crystals chemistry.

Mini Engineers

Theme: Lego

Contact: www.littlehouseofscience.com

Location: various – see below

Details: 3 to 11 years; dates (below); price on booking

About: We are a children’s Innovation and Inspiration Lab (or what we like to call “iLab”) in London.  Inspiring young minds is at the heart of everything we do. We are currently offering holiday LEGO® camps, specialised LEGO workshops and LEGO birthday parties for children ages 3 to 11 years.

Our holiday LEGO® camps take place during half term and term breaks.  Camps are typically one week long and run for two to three hours each day. Some camps offer a different type of building activity each day, other camps focus on a particular project that may take up to one week to complete.

African Adventures Camp: 

Go wild as we explore three amazing habitats found on the African continent.  We start in the rainforest of the Congo River Basin and use a LEGO kit of over 4,000 pieces to construct a dense, tropical wilderness complete with tree and ground dwelling primates.  Our journey continues with a safari to the vast savannah grasslands, as we build some of Africa’s most iconic creatures in their natural surroundings.  The expedition concludes on the southern tip of Africa as we investigate the coastline of the Western Cape and the aquatic life that can be found where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.  A chance for animal enthusiasts and LEGO lovers to combine two passions in this ROARsome three-day camp!

Train Challenge Camp: 

All aboard for our Train Challenge Camp.  In this camp, each child will design and build their own train carriage, which will then be used to transport bricks to a construction site.  Working to a tight schedule of picking up and dropping off cargo, each team must plan and assemble their train carefully to suit the requirements of the challenge and to maximise efficiency. Once built, the teams will power their train to each station and depot dispatching and delivering bricks to see which team of train engineers can build the tallest tower. All aboard the Mini-Engineers Train Challenge Camp!


Theme:  Igniting ideas in film and media arts

Contact: www.sparks-ignite.com

Location: various – see below

Details: 4-11 year olds; 9am – 3pm each day; Monday 9th – Friday 13th April 2018; cost n/a

About:  Make an epic superhero movie masterpiece, full of action, stunts and special effects! As malevolent supernatural forces disturb the peace, the unlikely “Unbeatables” must gather and team up for the planet to stand any chance of survival…

What’s Involved? Under guidance from our workshop team, movie makers will explore a range of different skills and techniques in order to produce a thrilling superhero adventure movie.

The programme includes a combination of practical workshop activities, along with production opportunities. The young movie makers take on all the practical crew roles involved in making the movie, from the directing to the camera operation and all the different responsibilities on a film set. They also come up with the storyline, the characters and decide how the film is put together.

As part of the workshop, we’ll be looking specifically at creating compelling ‘larger-than-life’ characters and structuring action-packed storylines. We’ll also look at how to create a variety of special, technical and visual effects.

At the end of the course, we edit the film into a finished production for you to celebrate and share.

Tails & Beau

Theme: high-end activity camp based in Chelsea

Contact: www.tailsandbeau.co.uk

Location: Chelsea

Details: Ages 5-11; 9.00am to 3.00pm; £70 per day

About: Tails & Beau is a high-end activity camp based in Chelsea and run during the school holidays for children aged 5-11. Located in Chelsea in the heart of London, Tails & Beau provides a safe and exciting environment where children are socially, emotionally and physically stimulated.

At Tails & Beau, activities range from the sublime to the extraordinary! The multi activity timetable keeps the children engaged from start to finish. We have fabulous visiting guests each week ranging from authors, hairdressers, artists, sports instructors, yoga teachers and more! As a childcare service we go above and beyond the norm, nurturing your child and teaching life skills outside of the classroom and home.

Co-founders Tally Hackett and Ruth Bridges met in 2013 whilst working at Francis Holland SW1. They share the same ethos and principles in their ambition to provide the best possible experiences and inspiration for children in their care. Together they strive to build each child’s confidence and competence; the foundation of positive self-esteem.

The Little Gym


Theme: Fun, sport and creative activities

Contact: www..thelittlegym.com

Location: Wandsworth – Smugglers Way, London SW18 1DB

Details: Ages 3-12; 9.00am to 3.00pm; Non members £45  & Members £38


  • Easter Camp: 3rd, 4th & 5th April 2018
  • Afternoon Adventure camps (3-8 years) and Skill Thrill Gymnastics camps (6 – 12 years)

During the school holidays, rain or shine, The Little Gym camps combine fun, sport, creative activities and learning to keep your kids active, entertained and laughing. All while carefully developing their minds, bodies and self-confidence. Children love them!


Theme: encourages children to try new things, excite their imaginations and learn the way of nature.

Contact: www.paradisecooperative.org

Location: Dobbins Field, Wandsworth

Details: 8-11 years, times and prices on request

About: Wild Child is an exciting club for children aged 8-11 run in partnership with Paradise Co-opertaive. Hosted on a beautiful community garden just next to Wandsworth Common, Wild Child encourages children to try new things, excite their imaginations and learn the way of nature. Through outdoor and creative activities we are hoping to help raise a generation that is aware of who they are, mindful of nature and has the capacity to imagine and think creatively.

Each session will have a different theme, and activities will include drama and story-telling; crafts; gardening skills; den-making; fire-lighting and bush-craft.

Over the duration of the sessions, children will grow in confidence, learn new skills and be encouraged to think creatively.

Sessions are led by our experienced leaders, who are DBS checked and First Aid trained. We have carried out Risk Assessments at our site, which is fenced-off at all sides and children are supervised at all times.


















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