Use an Interior designer – without blowing the budget

We’ve asked interior designer, Florence Corcelli, for her 5 tips on using a professional interior designer without blowing the budget.

  • Get a professional interior designer in for a colour consultation. He/she will advise you on the best colours and finishes to enhance your space. He/she will help put your colour scheme together for the project, avoiding costly trials and errors.


  • An interior designer can also purchase finishes (walls, floors, fabrics etc) and deal with deliveries/issues on your behalf. The Interior designer may offer you a small discount or charge you at retail price (each designer works differently) but you will not have to worry/stress about chasing delivery dates and dealing with any issue on delivery.


  • Get an interior designer to help you maximise your storage space. He/she will study your storage requirements and propose bespoke solutions. Every item you own will have its dedicated storage space.


  • An interior designer designs bespoke window treatments and selects fabrics to enhance your scheme.Your curtains/blinds will not only be beautiful and functional but they will fit your windows perfectly: this is an invaluable asset to any home.


  • Just get an interior designer to help you on any item your are unsure/nervous about. He/she will know what to do and will have well thought tried and tested solutions to propose to you. You will avoid being worried with potential mistakes and you will therefore avoid making those mistakes and waste your money.


Remember when hiring an interior designer, you are paying for the professional training he/she has invested in and the experience he/she has acquired throughout the years.  If you take advantage of their skills and experience you can make sure to avoid costly mistakes and get things right the first time around.


A bit about Florence Corcelli: ‘I have been working for over 10 years in high end interior design on a wide spectrum of styles on both residential and hospitality projects worldwide. I am happy to work on a simple colour consultation or a full townhouse turnkey project. Qualification: BA(Hons) in interior design. I also teach regularly at various design schools in Central London.’

What we say: Florence focuses on making interior design services approachable and affordable – so if you’re looking for that bit of inspiration on a budget, be sure to get in touch here.





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