Gift Waffles: joint gifting made easy


What they do:  an easy online collection service to take the hassle out of joint gifting.

What they say:  Gifts. You cannot beat that feeling when you know the person really well, and you’ve bought them something you know they’re going to love.

But we’ve all bought presents for people we don’t actually know that well, or worse still, we cross our fingers and hope it won’t be the 10th version of the same thing. And when it comes to birthday parties, newborn gifts or office leaving presents, you can’t be sure you’ll get it right.

That’s why we created Waffles. We make it super-easy to club together and get the special person a gift they really want.

It’s all online. So you can create a group gift without having to meet up, send your bank details or pass envelopes round the office. You know exactly how much you’ve got to spend and can either go ahead and buy that thing they really want from any of our partner retailers or give them the voucher and let them choose for themselves.

You can also share the joy and donate any amount of your gifts to one of our amazing charity partners. We like to call this mindful gifting.

What we say:  Boiling it down to the basics, gift waffles makes it easy to collect funds from a group and then you can convert those funds to vouchers.  There are definitely times when this would have come in handy – office gifts, teachers gifts, wedding presents – the list goes on.   With Gift Waffles that all is a thing of the past.  Best of all they’ve signed up a number of top retailers as well – John Lewis and Not on the High street to name a couple.  That’s Christmas sorted 😉




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