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One of the things we love at SpareMyTime are tips and tricks that make life easier.  Throw in a bit of tech and we’re in seventh heaven.  We’re asking our SMT friends and family for the ‘bits of kit’ that they swear by.  Whether its an app, a time saving trick or just a good old fashioned piece of advice.  We’ll be sharing these with you on our Time Saving Tuesdays – so keep a look out.

To kick off … Stocard.  For anyone who loves a reward.

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What they do:  Stocard’s concept is simple but brilliant.  A free app on which to store all of your loyalty cards.  I know, the simple ones are always the best 😉

What they say:  ‘The wallet of the future. Turn your phone into your wallet and redefine your everyday shopping experience! Add all your loyalty cards to the app in seconds, get your favorite offers and never miss rewards again – for free!’

How it works:  Signing up is as simple as downloading the app and uploading your store cards (no joke).  Scan the app at the till and you’re good to go.

There are also number of additional features – such as showing you relevant offers running on your reward cards or using GPS to show you the closest deals/shops to you.  Whether to choose to use the additional features or not (we don’t) they are a side show to the main event of having you store cards to hand, when you need them, without the fuss.

What we say: Oh me oh my, are you saying no more scrabbling around in my wallet for my Waitrose/Tesco/Boots/Nectar/John Lewis (delete as appropriate)?  No more being the crazy (middle aged) lady fumbling around at the bottom of her bag causing groans from the 10 deep queue behind me.  No more .. ok you get the message.  We’re in.  Where do we sign?

Usefulness rating: 7/10

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