Double the Traffic To Your Blog in 4 easy steps

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to grow your company. Research has found that companies who prioritize their blog are 13 times more likely to see a good return on investment, and they also produce around 67% more leads than companies without blogs.

But how can you significantly increase traffic to your blog? Some people think that they have to publish new content every single day – but in reality it is much easier than that! Here are three ways to double traffic to your blog.

1. Use Long Tail Keywords

If you want to drive lots of traffic to your blog you should start using long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have at least 3 words, and they can be very effective for small blogs that want to grow their following. This is because shorter keywords (such as “cheap car”) are used by hundreds of websites, so it is very unlikely that you will appear on the first page of Google if you use them too. Long keywords are more specific (such as “cheap cars in Brighton” or “cheap red cars in Britain”), which means less websites are using them – so if you do use them, you are more likely to appear on the Google results page.

2. Create Evergreen Content

If you really want to double traffic to your blog you should also create lots of evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that remains relevant and useful for years, such as infographics or detailed reviews. This content can be enjoyed by new users for years to come, unlike time-sensitive content (such as an article about the latest celebrity break up). And don’t worry about creating the content yourself if you don’t want to; you can always delegate the work to a professional writer if you have the funds.

3. Encourage Social Media Sharing

You can also double traffic to your blog by encouraging readers to share content they like on social media. This is a great (and free!) way to expose your content to new users, so it can definitely help to boost traffic – but you will need to create useful, engaging content that people actually want to share! For instance, shocking or surprising content is very sharable, so this can be effective, but it is important to make sure that the content doesn’t annoy or alienate your readers.

4. Find Out Which Websites Your Audience Use

Finally you can increase blog traffic by finding out which other sites your target audience use – and then using those platforms yourself to promote your blog. For instance, you may find out that your target audience prefer Instagram to Twitter, or you might discover that they use certain forums or subreddits. Once you find out where they are you can set up a profile on the platform, and then you can start interacting and engaging with other users. You can also use the Google Analytics tool to find out which websites drive the most traffic to your blog.

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