5 Decorating Tips For Autumn

Autumn is a stunning season; the leaves change colour, the weather gets colder and apparently more people fall in love (very interesting!). If you love autumn and you want to create a beautiful autumn vibe inside your house, we are here to help. There are lots of ways to make your house look extra cosy in time for autumn, even if you have a tight budget.

Get ready to decorate your house like a pro with these five decorating tips for autumn.

1. Decorating Tips For Autumn: Introduce New Colours Into Your Home

One simple way to add autumn style to your home is by introducing new colours into your existing colour scheme. Classic autumn colours include dark red, burnt orange, muted green or deep purple, and they pair well with base colours like olive, taupe or beige.

You can add the colours with table accessories, rugs or throw cushions – and if you’re on a tight budget, you could consider repainting chairs or wooden stands instead. This won’t break the bank, and it can be a fun family project!

We love these chunky knit throws from Pink unicorn studio for an instant hit of Autumn colour.

2. Create An Autumn Vibe At The Table

Replace white plates and table accessories with warm metallic items instead (such as bronze candle holders or plates). You could also add mini pumpkins to the table to create a strong autumn vibe; we suggest going for a selection of small and medium sized orange and green pumpkins to create an eye-catching display.

3. Add Outdoor Elements Throughout The House

One of the most affordable decorating tips for autumn involves adding outdoor elements throughout the home. Medium sized sticks can be arranged in vases throughout the house, and you could even try making a moss and grass display to put in a glass bowl. You can either buy these items from an interior design store, or you could take your family out to forage for items together. This massively reduces the cost, and it means the displays will be more personal.

If you decide to do this, consider dressing items up with ribbons or fairy lights. This will add elegance to the displays, and they are less likely to look out of place.

We love these mason jar candle holders from Spark and Chemistry.

4. Set The Tone At The Front Of The House

Create an autumn vibe outside your house by decorating the front porch and pathway. Lots of homeowners love a vibrant outdoor setting, and if it is well arranged it will also make the neighbourhood look even nicer. You could put pumpkins along the side of the pathway, or you could make a straw wreath for the front door. We also think a classic bristle door matt can be used to make the scene even more inviting – and the matt has a practical purpose, which is always useful!

Here is a fantastic selection of autumn door decorations from Martha Stewart.

5. Use Candles To Add Cosy Light And Warmth

Finally we suggest placing candles around the home to make each room cosier. Candles will add light and warmth to any room, and if you get autumn-scented candles your home will smell as good as it looks- and if you want you can leave them up for Christmas! Just make sure to get candles with proper safety stands if you have young children in the house.

Not on the highstreet: the nomad society: Forever Sunday Pumpkin Cinnamon Scented Soy Candle.

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