Spooky But Cute: Decorating For Halloween

Spooky But Cute: Decorating For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, so if you want to decorate your home now is the time. And you won’t be the only one decorating; Brits are expected to spend over 25 million pounds on pumpkins over the next week, so clearly lots of people are getting in the spooky spirit!

If you want to get your home Halloween ready but you don’t want to spend too much time or money on the project, we are here to help. Here are five easy, affordable ways to make your home spooky but stylish for Halloween.

1. Decorating Your Home For Halloween: The Staircase

Accessorising stairways is simple and effective

One of the best ways to decorate your home is by choosing specific areas in the house to decorate. The staircase is an excellent option as it is easy to decorate; you can wrap black, orange or gold tinsel around the banisters for a glam look, or you could cover them in cotton spider cobwebs for a creepy vibe. If you do this you can also add a few plastic black spiders to make it look even more realistic, and this won’t cost much; you can order packets of over 50 spiders on Amazon for less than a pound.

If you have a wide staircase you can also place pumpkins on the stairs. Use carved orange pumpkins, or consider using un-carved pumpkins in a range of sizes and colours. This is a little more stylish than carved pumpkins – and it takes far less time, as you don’t actually have to do any carving! You can also try painting the pumpkins for a truly unique look; bright colours are very eye-catching, or you could paint your pumpkins white and grey for a more understated look.

2. The Fireplace


Create a Halloween mantel above your fire using vintage items from the house (such as candles and old books), and then add a few Halloween specific items such as miniature pumpkins. You could also use black paper to make bat silhouettes that can be stuck on the wall above. This is very cheap and easy to do, but it still looks stylish and classy.

You can also go a step further by decorating each side of the fireplace. Fairy lights in jars will add warmth and cosiness, or you could use tall candlesticks (if you don’t have young children who might knock them over).

3. A Side Table

We love these from Anders and Boo

Do you have a side table in your hallway or bedroom that isn’t being used? If so, use it to create a Halloween themed vignette. There are lots of ways to do this; you could use fake skulls and pumpkins in amongst autumn flowers and plants, or you could paint the top of the table to look like an Ouija board.

4. The Walls

These garlands are easy to make – follow the tutorial by Emma @abeautifulmess

If you have blank wall space in your home you could try making a Halloween gallery wall. Get everyone in your family to draw something spooky (such as spiders, ghosts and pumpkins), and then frame the art in cheap frames and arrange them in a small space. This is a sweet, personalised way to celebrate Halloween – and if you want you can always add in some silhouette bats to make it even more unique.

5. The Porch

Simple but effective from @acorn_cottage_

Make the entrance to your home a little spookier with a Halloween wreath. You can make one yourself by buying a plain wreath and decorating it with fake cobwebs and spiders, or you can simply buy an affordable pre-made one from Amazon. This is very simple, but children are sure to love it (and you can always add a bit of extra class by putting pumpkins and fairy light jars on each side of the door).

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