Powerful Phrases To Help Women Succeed In The Workplace

Powerful Phrases To Help Women Succeed In The Workplace
Powerful Phrases To Help Women Succeed In The Workplace

In the past the British work force was predominantly male, but times have changed. Now there are more women in full time employment than ever before, and tends of thousands of these women are running their own businesses and companies.

So we know that women are badass – and yet despite this, women still face problems at work simply because of their gender. Men still earn more for the same roles, and research found that women are twice as likely to be mistaken for a junior employee. So it can be tough to be a working woman – but it is possible to fight small-minded ideas with the right mindset! Here are four powerful phrases to help women succeed in the workplace.

1. Be Proud Of Your Ambition

The most successful people are very driven and ambitious – and they don’t apologise for that. Ambition is the thing that motivates you to face challenges, and it motivates you to succeed (so without it, there would be fewer successful female entrepreneurs!).

Sadly women tend to face more pushback for being ambitious, as small-minded people can perceive this as being ‘bossy’ or ‘difficult’. Remember that this isn’t the case, and no-one should look down on you for being motivated, productive and driven.

2. Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past

If you want to continue to grow in your career, you should try to make your future bigger than your past. If you succeed, avoid becoming complacent; instead use your success to push you forward so that you can achieve even more! Some people dwell on past wins for too long, and doing so can stop them from becoming even more successful in the future. So whether you own a business or work for someone else, try to use the things that you have learned to achieve even more!

3. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It is important to vocalise what you want, but there is a big difference between proving capability and simply expressing interest. Many people talk about the things that they want to do, but the most successful people quietly crack on with achieving their goals.

Being actionable also has another benefit; it will help others to see you in a good light, as you will consistently prove that you are capable and productive. This is useful for female managers and business owners who want to motivate and inspire their employees.

4. Embrace Your Confidence

Some people mistake being confident for being bossy, but this is far from true! Being confident means that you know your worth and what you can do. You understand the value that you bring to the table, and you can communicate this confidence to other people around you. It can be tempting to undervalue yourself so that you seem more ‘likeable’, but in reality you should be proud of your confidence! After all, your confidence is the thing that will push you forward in your career – not your ability to be a people pleaser.

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