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Christmas Events In London That Are Perfect For Children

Christmas Events In London That Are Perfect For Children

Christmas is a very special time for children; the presents, the magic, the family and the events. And is especially true if you live in London, as the city is known for going all out every Christmas. There are hundreds of magical events for children to enjoy no matter how old they are, from Santa’s Grotto to Winter Wonderland.

Do you want to make sure you’re fully organised for a fun family Christmas? If so, here are six Christmas events in London that are perfect for children.

1. The Enchanted Christmas House

26th November – 25th December

If you have young children you may want to consider taking them to the Enchanted Christmas House. The house is designed for children under 9, and it includes a tour of the Busy Elves Workshop, the Garden of Winter Wonder, Santa’s Magical Friends and meeting Santa himself. This tour is a lot of fun, and parents are welcome to join!

2. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

21st November – 5th January

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland is a fairly famous event, and if you visit you will see why. A section of the park is transformed into a Christmas haven, features an ice rink, a Christmas circus, lots of rides and a giant observation wheel that comes with stunning panoramic views of the park. This is perfect for children of all ages (including teenagers).

3. Santa’s Grotto Alexandra’s Palace

5th December-23rd December

Are your little ones clamouring to meet Santa? If so you can take them to visit Saint Nick at Alexandra’s Palace; he is more than happy to pose for lots of festive photos, and every child gets to leave with a small present. There is also an ice rink in the grounds, so if you don’t want to go home afterwards you can always have a quick spin on the ice.

4. Backyard Cinema: The Snow Kingdom

10th December – 19th January

If you have older children who still want to enjoy the magic of Christmas, consider taking them to the Backyard Cinema for the Snow Kingdom. The whole cinema has been transforming into a stunning winter wonderland, and every day festive films play (including Elf, Love Actually and Die Hard). As you watch you can snuggle up in cosy blankets, and adults can enjoy a mulled wine as they relax.

5. Hogwarts in the Snow

19th November – 26th January

If your children are obsessed with the wizarding world they may enjoy Hogwarts in the Snow. The iconic studio has been transformed for Christmas, making it more magical than ever before. Some of the most popular scenes have been transformed to feature snow, which is very beautiful, and you can even explore the tour after hours. This is perfect for any Harry Potter fans who want to get into the festive spirit.

6. Christmas in Covent Garden

12th November – 5th January

If you want to do something Christmassy without spending any money, you could check out Christmas in Covent Garden. Families can wander around and check out all of the Christmas stalls and lights without spending any money, and there are lots of beautiful sights to behold, including a huge Christmas tree that is decorated with over 30,000 lights. There is also a giant reindeer statue, which is perfect for family photos!

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