Why Outsourcing Work Can Help With Your Work Life Balance


Why Outsourcing Work Can Help With Your Work Life Balance

It only takes around 13 days to start a business in the UK – but if you own a business, you will know that the work doesn’t end there.

Owning a business takes up a lot of time and effort, and it is well worth it if the business makes you happy and gives you independence. However many business owners struggle to find a good work life balance; in fact, research has found that only one third of British adults are happy with their work life balance, so this is a big issue in the UK.

Are you struggling to find a happy work life balance? If so, you could consider outsourcing work so you have more time. This is a great way to reduce stress and boost your overall mood (and it can also help your business to grow!).

Here are four reasons why outsourcing work can help with your work life balance.

1. It Means You Can Work On The Things Only You Can Do

One of the main benefits of outsourcing work is that it means you will have more time to work on the things that only you can do. Many business owners try to do every single thing themselves, from budgeting to project planning to basic admin, but in reality not all of these jobs are equal – so if you are struggling to find a good work balance, outsourcing some of the easier work (such as basic admin) means that you can focus on the tasks that require your specific skill set (such as planning for the next annum). This makes it much easier for your business to succeed.

2. It Will Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Most business owners don’t just have to deal with business admin; they also have to deal with life admin, like paying bills, filing taxes and cooking dinner. This can take up hours every day, but life admin can be outsourced, just like business admin. So you don’t need to spend the day working, then get home to do even more work; instead you can outsource the work so that you have more time to rest and recharge with your loved ones.

3. It Makes It Easier For You To Focus

Do you find that you often struggle to focus? If so, it could be because you are working too much. Too many things on your To Do list can make it hard to focus on each task as you are constantly thinking about what else you need to do – or maybe you can’t focus because you are stopping to do other jobs, like answer emails or arrange meetings. This can make you significantly less productive; research has found that people tend to accomplish less when they are trying to multitask. So outsource some basic admin tasks, and you will find that it is much easier to focus!

4. There Are Other Options Besides Standard Automation

Technology automation has made life much easier; you can use certain apps to track your employees, and there are even apps that you can use to file your accounts. However automation isn’t the only option; you can also hire a Virtual Assistant to help you with a broader range of tasks, such as answering emails or even picking up the kids. So if you decide to consider outsourcing, consider using both tech automation and a Virtual Assistant (such as one of our own!) to considerably improve your work life balance.

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