New Year’s resolutions, and how to stick to them

New Year, New You? 

Ever start the year with a list of resolutions but find that by 1 Feb they have fallen by the wayside? Well you’re not alone, according to YouGov in 2019 a quarter of Britons set themselves a resolution with just under half (47%) of those saying they managed to keep some, but not all.  Sound familiar?

So what do you need to stick to your resolutions? According to Harvard Medical School it only takes 7 steps:

1. Dream big. 

Audacious goals are compelling

2. Break big dreams into small-enough steps. 

Small steps move you forward to your ultimate goal.

3. Understand why you shouldn’t make a change. 

You boost your chance of success when the balance of pluses and minuses tips enough to make adopting a new behaviour more attractive than standing in place.

4. Commit yourself. 

Make yourself accountable through a written or verbal promise.

5. Give yourself a medal. 

Encourage yourself.

6. Learn from the past. 

When you hit a snag, take a moment to think about what did and didn’t work.

7. Give thanks for what you do. 

Forget perfection.  Any activity is always better than none.

By forming smaller repetitive steps, James Clear, says in New York Times Bestseller Forming Habits that it then takes 2 months before a new behaviour becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.

So, whatever you choose for you for your resolutions this year remember that whilst the first step may be the hardest, it is at least it’s a step in the right direction!

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