5 ways to wellbeing

COVID-19 has the notice of the whole world, but for us at home the realities of daily isolation are starting to set in. The time has never been more pressing to make sure we take care of our own wellbeing and that of others.

5 ways to wellbeing

Advice from Fulham and Hammersmith Council lists the following as key to achieving a successful balance. ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ (developed by NEF) :

Be Active

Try to take exercise daily. Whether it’s joining Joe Wicks work out or taking a walk around the block. It all helps

Take Notice

It’s so easy to be distracted by external events however concentrating on what’s happening in the here and now will greatly improve your general wellbeing.


Staying in regular contact with your loved ones is vital to your well being. Try apps like House Party, Skpe, FaceTime or WhatsApp for easy (and fun) communication.


Research tells us that giving back to our communities makes us feel great. The NHS is looking for volunteers or there will be plenty of schemes you can join to help as a volunteer in your area – such as this facebook group .

Keep learning

learning a new skill gives us a sense of achievement and satisfaction. It’s also a great distraction to what is going on outside!

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