Great Resources for Kids Activities at home

For many, working from home with school age children is their current reality. One day we were jogging along just fine, the next there was pandemonium in our homes. Naturally, when time and skills are stretched so are tempers.

However we are able to learn and put into practice a number of tactics to help with our own and our family’s wellbeing.

Whilst keeping a regular and followable routine for you children (and you) is recommended, this poses the daunting task of filling that routine! Thankfully many providers, teachers and celebrities are providing lots of content – often for free!

Here are some of our favourite bloggers and websites keeping an up to date list of what and where you can find excellent content to keep your kids amused.

Chatterpack: Incredibly comprehensive list of home learning resources.

Kidadl:Lock down collection particularly celebrity homeschool resources

MumsnetThe best online learning resources

Save the Children: Handy resources and articles on how to help children adapt to school closure & Coronavirus.

The London Mummy: 40 Guilt Free Educational Online Resources To Keep The Kids Entertained

Tutortastic: Free Online Learning Resources for School Closures and Home Learning

We’ll also be sharing plenty more ideas for adults (and children) in our Instagram stories. They are all saved in our ‘Keep it up’ Highlight.

Do let us know how you get on and if you know of any great resources.

Stay safe x

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