There are lots of different ways to market your business, but blogging is still one of the most effective methods. In fact, a recent study found that nearly 50% of buyers will view your blog before they engage with your brand! Yet despite this, many business owners don’t include a blog on their website. There are a few possible reasons for this; maybe they don’t have the time to write blog posts themselves, or maybe they don’t understand exactly how a blog will help them to grow. Thankfully we are here to help with both of these issues! Here are four ways you can use your blog to expand your business (and what you can do if you don’t have the time to blog yourself). It Will Boost Website Traffic Sharing blog posts on your social media pages will help to drive traffic to your website, which will boost your organic traffic and website reach. This comes with two benefits; it will help to increase sales, so your business will be making more money, and it will also improve your website’s SEO. This means that your website will move up the Google search engine results page, so more potential customers will see your website. Blog posts will also give you more unique content to post on your social media pages. This tends to be more popular than reposts from other pages or businesses, so you will likely see increased activity on your social media channels. You Can Showcase New Products Or Services Another benefit of a blog is that you can use it to promote new products and services. You can write in-depth posts for each product, with lots of pictures and perhaps even an FAQ. This resource will be very useful to people who are thinking about buying a product. The FAQ could also save time for your customer service team, as the most common queries will already be answered! Your Blog Will Give You Networking Opportunities A blog will also provide you with networking opportunities. You could start writing an interview series, as this will give you the opportunity to reach out to other industry expert. Interviewing them will help to establish a bond, so later down the line they might be more open to collaborating with you. The person you interview may also share the interview on their own website or Facebook page, which will provide you with a valuable backlink to your website. Over time these links will help to significantly boost your online presence. You Can Establish A Clear CTA Finally you can use your blog to establish a clear call to action (which is also known as a CTA). Your CTA could be “buy our products”, “sign up to our newsletter” or “follow our Facebook page”; either way, every blog post is an opportunity to encourage your readers to do something that benefits the business. This can significantly increase sales and engagement, especially if your blog is read by hundreds or thousands of people. Don’t Have Time To Run A Blog Yourself? If you don’t have time to run a blog yourself, no problem; you can use our virtual admin services to do the legwork for you. This means your blog will be updated with useful, quality content every week – and you don’t even need to lift a finger! Find out more about our virtual admin services here.

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