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Signs You Need To Hire An Assistant

Lots of small business owners pride themselves on doing the vast majority of work themselves.  They generate revenue, complete admin tasks and do their own marketing – but is this actually a good idea?

More often than not the answer is no. Overworking yourself means you will rarely have time to focus on your big goals, so your business will struggle to grow. This is fine if you are happy with where your business is at – but if you want to expand and do more, you may want to consider hiring an assistant (or a virtual assistant).

Here are five signs that indicate you need to hire an assistant.

1. Signs You Need To Hire An Assistant: You Are Missing out On Opportunities

You feel like you might be missing out on growth and sales opportunities because you are juggling so many tasks. In fact, you are working on so many tasks that you struggle to keep track of them all! This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you know you missed out on a great opportunity, but if you hire an assistant you can delegate simple tasks to them so that you can focus on growth.

2. You Don’t Spend Enough Time Generating Revenue

You spend time every day working on admin tasks, so you have very little time to think about innovative ways to generate new revenue. This means that your business struggles to boost its profit margins, even though you make sales every week.

3. You Are Overworked

You work well over eight hours most working days, and you regularly feel tired or fatigued. Many people feel overworked, and over time this can affect their motivation levels and overall career progress, so it is very important to be aware if you are feeling overworked. Thankfully hiring an assistant will significantly cut down your working hours, so when you do work you will feel more positive, motivated and productive.

4. You Spend More Time Managing Than Leading

You already have a few employees, but you spend most of your time managing them to make sure they do everything correctly. This may feel productive, but if you aren’t getting much work done yourself it means the team is missing a leader. If this is the case, you may want to hire an assistant who can take over team management so that you can spend more time leading and growing the business.

5. You Know You Need Assistance, But You Can’t Afford To Hire Someone

You are stressed and overworked, and deep down you know that you need an assistant – but you just can’t afford one. If this is the case, don’t worry; you could consider hiring a part-time virtual assistant to help you. There are billions of virtual assistants across the globe, and they can help you with a wide range of tasks, from admin support to social media support. This is often more affordable than hiring a full time assistant; after all, you don’t have to pay for office space or equipment, and you also avoid any pesky recruitment fees.

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