4 Things You Can Do To Be Happier Every Day

4 Things You Can Do To Be Happier Every Day

Most people would like to be happier. After all, life would definitely be easier if we all felt content and light-hearted every day – but satisfaction isn’t the only reason to be happier. Happiness also makes people feel more productive and motivated, so they are more likely to have a successful life and career. A win-win situation!

And while happiness can seem elusive at times, in reality there are lots of little things you can do to boost your daily happiness levels.

Here are four science-backed ways to be happier every day.

1. How To Be Happier Every Day: Smile (And Mean It!)

One of the easiest ways to be happier every day is by simply smiling – but we don’t mean a fake smile. A study from Michigan University found that customer service employees who fake smiled throughout their shift ended the day in a worse mood… but people who smiled as a result of gathering positive thoughts ended the day in a better mood. So if you are feeling low, harness your positive thoughts to create a genuine smile. Research says this will help to boost your mood, especially if you do it a few times throughout the day.

2. Plan A Holiday (Even If You Can’t Afford One Right Now)

Feeling stressed and low? Sit down and plan a holiday – even if you can’t afford one right now. A recent study found that people tend to feel a happiness spike when they are planning their next holiday, even though they aren’t actually on the trip yet. This may be due to the anticipation and excitement for future plans – even if they are in the very, very distant future!

3. Ditch The Commute

Your work commute can have a significant effect on your happiness. A recent survey found that spending more than 20 minutes on your commute makes you more susceptible to stress, and travelling for more than 35 minutes can make you more cynical. This can make it much harder to be happy, so if it is an option you may want to consider reducing your commute.

You could reduce your commute time by working from home more frequently, or you could move closer to work. Alternatively, if you own your own business, you could hire virtual assistants and ditch the office space completely! This means you can work from home every day, so you never have to commute again.

4. Exercise For 10 Minutes

Finally you can boost your mood by exercising every day. You may not have time to complete a full work out, but there are lots of excellent 10 minute work-out videos that you can watch for free on YouTube. This means you don’t have to get changed or leave your house – but the exercise will do wonders for your happiness levels. After all, various studies have found that exercise boosts endorphin release, even if you are only moving around for a few minutes!

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