Guest Post: Here is why organising your home will make you happier

By Caroline Caron Dhaouadi, Homefullness

A recent article in the New York Times examined various studies related to home clutter and mental well-being, with the major theme that more disorganised homes correlated with higher levels of stress.

Basically, the more disorganised your home is, the more the level of cortisol in your body is increasing. And what is cortisol? It is you body’s main stress hormone.

Of course, the continuous ritual of putting things away and organising is not anyone’s idea of fun time. However, as tedious as the chore of organising a house can be, it is something that can be outsourced, and it is extremely important to maintaining both mental and physical health. And once your house is properly organised, styled and decorated, it is much easier to implement good habits to avoid getting back into any sort of chaos.

Keeping your house tidy is one of the easiest way to improve clarity and deter stress: walking into a filthy house can instantly make you feel gloomy, and piles of clutter and disorganisation can trigger brain fog and depression.

Yes – we said it earlier, an organised home can improve yourphysical and mental health. Even Shape Magazine said it (not really the place where we thought we would be reading about home organisation). According to an article published in their US edition, organising your home or office can improve several aspects of your life:

  • It can reduce stress and depression
  • It can help you eat better
  • It will help you stick to your workouts
  • It can improve your relationships
  • It will boost your productivity
  • It can help you lose weight
  • It will help you sleep better

Yes – that’s true and you can read of all it here.

Clean homes and organised spaces are proven to reduce stress, improve happiness and even improve your eating and exercise habits. 

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When you come home, the last thing you need, is a disorganised space that causes stress and amplifies the one created by work, life or personal issues. Being in a space characterised by order, tranquillity and a physical manifestation of your tastes can soothe you and help release stress. 

Coming home to an orderly home will help you feel like you’re entering a sanctuary away of the stresses of the public world. We all want to feel more satisfied emotionally and spiritually with our home. And relaxing at home is easier if you have a relaxing home to enjoy !

A newly organised home will also help make you feel new. It is a great starting point to be moving forward with future projects. 

And that’s exactly where Homefulness can help. If you don’t know where to start or are just too busy to make the changes you know you want, just reach out. We’re here to help with sustainable solutions to organise basically anything. It will then be a delight for you to add a few nice aesthetic touches that can make your home the ideal haven for you to relax. 

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