Self-Care Tips (That Actually Work)

Your job asks you to work 40 hours each week, but you often end up working 50 or 60 hours. You often eat the cheapest, easiest meals that are available, and you frequently skip on family time to complete a work project.

Can you relate to this? If so, you’re not alone. Modern society pushes us to prioritise work over everything else, so many adults feel guilty if they take time off. This can negatively affect your wellbeing and health, but it is still possible to be happy every day – you just need to step back, relax and be kind to yourself.

Here are six self-care tips that actually work.

1. Self-Care Tips: Create A Sunrise Self Care Routine

Set aside 10 or 15 minutes every morning for a simple self-care routine. This could be a cup of tea and a short playlist, or it could be a long shower; whatever makes you feel positive and prepared for the day ahead. You could also try meditation; research has found that just 15 minutes of mediation will boost your mood and outlook!

You might think that you don’t have time to do this every day, but 15 minutes isn’t long at all – and the simple routine will make you feel happier and less stressed every day.

2. Schedule Time Off

You should also try to schedule at least one full day off a week. Sure, you can do some life admin during the day (such as doing the laundry or meal prep, but give yourself at least five hours to relax and enjoy yourself. This could be chilling on the sofa watching Netflix, or you could enjoy some family time – but absolutely no work!

You may feel guilty to start with, but over time the day off will help you to feel more relaxed, positive and motivated.

3. Automate Certain Tasks

You could also automate certain tasks to make your workload easier to deal with. You could delegate secretarial work to a UK based virtual assistant, or you could invest in a cleaner for your home so you have more free time in the evenings. Sure, this will be a small expense, but it will significantly improve your quality of life!

4. Treat Yourself

Treat yourself at least once a week for your hard work. Have the treat as a reward for one of your accomplishments; maybe you completed a difficult project at work, or maybe you supported your partner through a difficult day. This will help to enhance your self-worth, but that isn’t all – research has found that rewarding yourself will also boost your motivation levels, so you will achieve more at work.

5. Start With Simple Tasks If You Feel Overwhelmed

Do you sometimes wake up feeling extremely overwhelmed? If so, no problem – just start with the most simple tasks on those days. Various studies have found that completing a task will boost your productivity levels, so as the day goes on you will feel more capable.

6. Be Creative

If you are starting to feel burn out, set aside some time to do something fun and creative. This could be drawing, knitting, baking or designing – whatever makes you feel good. This will help to relax and inspire you, so you will be more likely to come up with fresh ideas when you start working again.

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