The Best Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Feeling Career Uncertainty

Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Feeling Career Uncertainty

You’re not 100% sure that your career is right for you, but the thought of switching jobs is intimidating. There are lots of unknown factors to consider, and you don’t want to rush into anything without weighing up your options first.

Maybe you’ve been struggling with conflict at your corporate job, and you want to start your own business. Or maybe you feel like your career is in a rut, and you want to force progress. Either way, you’re not alone; recent research found that over half of British adults are unhappy with their job, and many are too scared to make a change.

But if you really want to make a change, it is important to consider a few factors first. Here are six questions you should ask yourself if you are experiencing career uncertainty.

1. Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Feeling Career Uncertainty: What Are Your Passions And Skills?

If you are thinking about a career change, ask yourself these questions; what are your passions? What are your main skills? How can you use your passion and your skills to start a new career?

Career success often comes from emotional fulfillment, so if you are thinking about making a change you need to think about what will really make you happy. This doesn’t mean forgetting about money, or growth; it just means finding a happy balance that will benefit your both your mind and your bank account.

2. What Do You Like And Dislike About Your Current Career?

Look at your current career and think about what you like and what you don’t like. Maybe you enjoy working alone on projects, but you dislike group work – if this is the case, you may want to consider starting your own business. Write down the aspects you like and dislike, and then it will be easier for you to consider future career options that will make you happier.

3. Can You Afford To Swap Careers?

It is also important to consider the cost of swapping careers. Most career swaps come with a cost, even if that isn’t obvious to begin with – so we suggest making sure you are financially stable before leaving your job. Aim to save up at least three months of income, so you’re not under pressure to start making money immediately. 

4. Would You Be Willing To Start From The Bottom?

Lots of people assume that they can jump to the same rung on a different ladder, but normally most career changes mean starting at the bottom again. This can be avoided if you have transferrable skills, but you may need to be willing to take a pay cut to begin with.

5. Do You Need To Pre-Plan Anything Before Switching Your Career?

We suggest creating an action plan if you decide to swap your career. Assess the transition realistically, and ask yourself these questions; do you need to learn new skills? Do you want to take some time off before starting your new career? What are the costs associated with starting a new career? This means you are less likely to be overwhelmed with the transition, as you will be prepared for anything that comes your way.

6. Will Swapping Your Career Affect Others?

Finally it is important to think about if switching your career will affect other people. The financial aspect may impact your relationship or family, so you may want to discuss the decision with your partner first. Remember that a career swap should be a fun experience, not something that puts strain on your partner or your family. 

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