How To Avoid Emotional Burnout During The Holidays

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, but this year they will be a little different to previous years. The global pandemic means that people can’t celebrate with a big family party, and many people are worried about buying gifts after nearly a year of reduced income.

And whether you’re obsessed with Christmas or just want to get the holidays over and done with, there are lots of little moments that can cause stress. Thankfully it is possible to reduce feelings of emotional burnout during the holiday; you just need prioritise what is truly important.

Here are five ways to avoid emotional burnout during the 2020 holiday season.

1. How To Avoid Emotional Burnout During The Holidays: Focus On The Things You Can Control

This year there are lots of restrictions surrounding travel and holiday gatherings, and this might make you feel like you are out of control – but in reality you are still in control of a lot of things! You can set up virtual Zoom parties with people you can’t see in person, you can decide what you will eat for Christmas dinner, and you can control your attitude. Focusing on this will make you feel less stressed and overwhelmed, especially if you know your Christmas will be very different to normal this year.

2. Come Up With New Traditions

You can also replace normal traditions (such as visiting Santa at the shopping center) with new traditions to ensure the day is still memorable and fun. Think about some low risk, fun activities that your family would enjoy; for instance, you could do a themed quiz over Skype, or you could leave presents on the doorsteps of loved ones. 

3. Outsource Stressful Christmas Tasks

If you are spending Christmas alone or with a partner, consider outsourcing tasks to make the holiday less stressful. You could order Christmas dinner, and you can order presents to your door so you don’t have to go Christmas shopping. You could even outsource some of your admin work to a remote assistant, so you don’t feel overworked or overwhelmed. This is a great way to reduce the chance of burnout, and it also means you can support small businesses and self-employed people who may be struggling.

4. Reduce Present Spending

So many people have a tight budget this year; in fact, a recent study found that this year Brits will spend around £40 less on presents this year. So don’t worry if you’re stressing about money; most people are! Consider reducing present spending in a few ways; you could only buy gifts for the people you will see on the day, or you could choose smaller gifts that won’t break the bank. Remember Christmas isn’t about spending lots of money (even if it can sometimes feel that way!).

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

People can feel a lot of pressure to say yes to everything during the holiday season, but this isn’t a good idea at the best of times – and it is even worse during a pandemic. So if you don’t want to do a three hour Zoom Christmas party with your colleagues, don’t force yourself to do it; just say no politely. It is so important to put your mental health first during the holiday season, especially when we are experiencing a global pandemic.


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