How To Avoid Tiredness At Work

How To Avoid Tiredness At Work

If you have the day off work, feeling a little tired isn’t a problem – but if you have a busy day of work, sleepiness can cause some real problems. You may feel stressed or emotional, or you could fall behind with your workload and miss an important deadline. And if the problem continues, your career could be at risk.

If you regularly feel sleepy at work, you may want to speak to a doctor about potential health issues (such as sleep apnea or narcolepsy). But if you only occasionally feel sleepy at work, there are lots of little things you can do to feel more alert.

Here are five tips to help you avoid tiredness at work.

1. How To Avoid Tiredness At Work: Embrace Power Naps

If you are very tired, the best option is to try and fit in a quick power nap on your lunch break. If you have a private office you just need to shut the door, and if you work in a communal office you can sit in your car or the break room. Don’t worry about seeming unprofessional; everyone gets tired sometimes, and various studies have found that a 30 minute nap should give you enough energy to power through the afternoon.

2. Go For A Light Lunch

You may also want to avoid eating a heavy lunch if you feel sleepy. Carbs and sugar can make you crash later, so you will feel even sleepier after the meal – which isn’t ideal if you still have hours of work to do. Instead choose a light, healthy lunch to keep your energy levels up. Good options include chicken, vegetables, nuts, grains and eggs.

3. Make Sure Your Workspace Is Bright And Light

It is important to make sure your workspace is well lit. Research has found that not enough lighting can cause drowsiness, headaches and eye strain, and this can contribute to feeling tired at work. So if you work in an office with windows, open the curtains every day and embrace the natural light – and if not, consider investing in a natural lightbox to illuminate your workspace. This will help to improve your energy levels and work performance.

4. Get Up And Move Around

If you are feeling tired, the last thing you probably want to do is get up and move around – but apparently moving around can help. The NHS say that sitting still for a long time will drain you of energy, making you feel even more tired. So get up and walk around the office for a few minutes every couple of hours, or shake your leg while you are sat down. This will help to maintain your energy levels so you don’t feel sleepier as the day goes on.

5. Listen To Cheerful Music

You can also play cheerful, upbeat music to feel more awake. Research has found that upbeat music makes you feel more alert and focused, so you will find it easier to get on with work. Just make sure to use headphones if you work in a busy office!

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