How To Effectively Promote Your Business On Social Media

Promote Your Business On Social Media
How To Effectively Promote Your Business On Social Media

In recent years social media has become the number one marketing tool for businesses. Nearly 4 billion people across the globe use social media, accounting for over 58% of the human population – so if you want to reach new customers, you may want to up your social media marketing efforts!

However it is important to be aware that social media marketing is fairly different to traditional marketing. Obvious advertisements are replaced with useful, entertaining content to draw customers in, and online discounts help to drive up sales.

Do you want to boost your online business presence? If so, here are five ways you can effectively promote your business on social media in 2021.

1. How To Promote Your Business On Social Media: Choose The Best Platforms

There are lots of social media sites to promote your content on, and more pop up every year – so make sure you share the right content on the right platforms. Instagram is great for sharing videos and images, while Twitter is good for sharing links to blog posts and infographics. Tik Tok could also be an option if you create a lot of video content.

2. Fill Out The Whole Profile

This one may seem obvious, but many businesses forget to fill in the whole profile when they create a business account. This is especially important on Facebook and LinkedIn, as providing the right information will make it easier for potential customers to get in touch. So make sure you have filled out all of the information for each social media profile, including contact information, the website and the company address (as well as links to your other social profiles).

3. Create A Content Calendar

It can be difficult to stay organised if you have more than one social media account, but it is easier to stay on top of things if you create a monthly content calendar. Decide how frequently you want to post (most businesses aim to post two or three times a week), and then plan ahead for the next month. Create images and posts in advance, and then use a free app (such as Later) to schedule the posts at the most engaging time. This means you don’t have to worry about posting content on a regular; instead all you need to do is respond to messages and comments.

4. Provide Your Audience With Value

If you want to increase your social media engagement, make sure you are providing your audience with value. Research has found that people don’t want to see adverts or unoriginal content; they want useful, relevant information that relates to their interests. If they find this, they likely to follow the page, engage with the posts and even re-share them on their own profile – but if your content isn’t useful to them, they will move on and forget about your page.

So ask yourself these questions; what do my audience want? What are their interests? Which posts do they engage with the most? Could I create original content (such as infographics or images) for my audience that don’t already exist online?

5. Create Video Content

Finally you can boost your businesses online presence by creating video content. A recent study found that video can generate up to 1200% more shares than image or text posts combined, so this is a great way to expand your reach. We suggest creating short, useful videos that are visually engaging and entertaining – and if you don’t have the time or resources to create videos, re-share other page’s content (or hire virtual support to create high quality videos for you).

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