Signs You Need To Hire A Virtual Team

Signs You Need To Hire A Virtual Team

If you own a business, it’s likely you’ve thought about hiring a virtual team. After all, virtual support has become extremely popular over the last few years; over 60% of global companies now employ remote employees, and nearly 50% of the British workforce are currently working remotely.

Yet despite this, you still haven’t gone ahead with the hiring process. Maybe you are worried about the cost, or maybe you don’t like the idea of hiring someone who you will never meet in person. And while these concerns are fair, the research definitely shows that virtual support can really help small businesses and startups.

Here are four signs that indicate your business would benefit from hiring a virtual team.

1. Signs You Need To Hire A Virtual Team: Your Business Feels Chaotic

Are you worried about missing important deadlines and appointments? Are you too busy to set new targets and goals for your business? If so, a virtual team could help to establish organization and order. It can be tempting to assume that it is normal to feel frequently stressed and overwhelmed as a business owner, but in reality this is far from true. If you are stressed, you will spend most of your time focusing on the present, rather than thinking about long-term goals and new income-generating ideas.

2. Your Customers Could Be Happier

If you frequently receive complaints from customers you may also want to consider hiring a virtual team. Customer service is one of the most important aspects for any business, and modern customers expect instantaneous, professional customer service. So if you take days (or even hours) to respond to problems or complaints, it is likely you will lose customers rather than gaining them. Thankfully this issue can easily be solved by hiring virtual PA or secretary.

3. You Spend A Significant Amount Of Time Doing Admin (Rather Than Income Generating Work)

It is very difficult to grow a business if the owner spends most of their time doing simple, everyday admin tasks. These tasks include adding information to the business database, managing emails and doing your own accounting. Sure, these tasks are important – but they don’t actually generate extra income, so they should be completed by an admin employee, rather than the business owner. This means that the owner will have more time to focus on interesting, innovative projects that will help the business to expand and grow.

4. Your Business Requires Skills That You Don’t Have

Maybe you’re a fashion pro and you own a successful online clothing store. Your fashion skills are essential to the success of the business – but you will also need an accountant to help with taxes, and you might also want to hire someone to help you with social media marketing.

This is where the virtual team comes in. There are virtual assistants with every type of skill, from accounting to digital marketing to dog walking (yes, really!), so you should easily be able to hire someone who has the exact skills your business needs. This will make it much easier for your business to operate successfully. 

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