How To Improve Your Email Marketing

How To Improve Your Email Marketing

Some business owners ignore email marketing in favour of social media marketing, but this can be a big mistake. Sure, social media campaigns can be very effective – but the research has found that email marketing can be even more fruitful.

Currently millions of businesses use email marketing, and over two thirds of these businesses say they get ‘very good’ results from email marketing. So if you want to be the ultimate business owner, you may want to

Here are six tips to help improve your email marketing campaigns.


1. How To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign: Make Sure Your Template Is Mobile Friendly

If you want to see results from your email marketing campaigns, make sure to use a mobile friendly template. Over 50% of website clicks now come from mobile devices, and experts predict that this number will keep rising. So choose a template that can be used on all platforms, and check the email looks great on both your mobile and your desktop before sending it out to users.


2. Use A Short Subject Line

Research has found that people are more likely to click on an email if it has a short, attention-grabbing headline, so be short and sweet. We suggest using a title that is three to seven words long.


3. Have A Clear CTA

Every email you send has a call to action; maybe you want subscribers to sign up for a weight loss program, or maybe you want them to check out your latest sale. Whatever it is, make sure it is very clear in the email. Add clear click through links so that users can easily complete the CTA, and keep the text solely focused on the CTA. This should increase the number of people who follow through with the CTA.


4. Be Useful, Rather Than Salesy

If your marketing emails are all very salesy, don’t be too surprised if you have low engagement. After all, no-one likes to feel like they are being advertised to with email marketing; instead, they want to feel like they are receiving a useful service. So send out blog posts and articles that are actually helpful to your target audience, and consider offering exclusive deals and discounts that are only available to people who are subscribed to your email marketing campaign. This will reduce the number of people who unsubscribe, and it should also help to increase your open and click through rate.


5. Use Analytics To Measure Results

Most email services will provide you with analytics, and these will teach you a lot more about the effectiveness of your email campaigns. We suggest checking the;

Delivery rate (if this is low, it could mean your emails are registering as junk email).

Open rate.

Click through rate (how many users click the link in the email).

Unsubscribe rate.

Revenue for each email campaign.


6. Focus On Connections, Not Just Numbers

Analytic programs are very useful, but it is always important to remember that there are genuine people at the other end of the email. So when you create campaigns, don’t just set goals that are based on numbers; try to also set goals that focus on establishing real connections with your users. This will help to increase brand loyalty, and it may also help to boost sales.

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