Style Tips For Parents Who Work From Home

Style Tips For Parents Who Work From Home

For many working parents, from entrepreneurs to remote workers, working from home is officially the new normal. And while it can be tempting to work wearing your pyjamas (after all, who is going to see you?), in reality there are downsides to wearing your comfies. Research has found that they can make you feel less productive and motivated – but you probably don’t want to wear a three-piece suit either!

Here are six handy style tips for peoples who work from home.


1. Style Tips For Parents Who Work From Home: Don’t Wear Your PJs

Your jogging bottoms or pyjamas might be the comfiest thing in your wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean they are the best option for a day of productivity. In fact, research has found that wearing your downtime clothes can make it hard to get into a work mindset, especially if you are working from home.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you have to wear a formal suit with shoes, but it will help your mindset to get changed into something clean and presentable.


2. Add A Little Colour

Working from home can be a little boring and lonely, but you can boost your mood by adding a little colour to your outfit. This is because looking at bright colours (such as red or yellow) releases dopamine in your brain, making you feel happier and more positive.

You can add some colour to your outfit by wearing a dress with a bold print, or you could simply throw on a bright red pair of socks that make you smile.


3. Create A Small Style Budget

Is your wardrobe mostly formal-wear and super chill clothes? If so, you may want to set aside a small style budget to buy new work clothes. This will make you feel like you are taking your remote work more seriously, and the new items will also make you feel more excited to start work. We suggest a few smart casual t-shirts, and some linen pants or a pair of casual jeans.


4. Go For A One Piece If You’re Unsure

Don’t want to spend time mixing and matching outfits every day? No problem – you can just buy a few one pieces. Flowing jumpsuits and dresses are a comfortable, stylish way to work from home, and if you buy these you never have to style an outfit; you just have to throw the item on and you can start your day!


5. Focus On Waist Up

If you rely on Zoom or Skype to communicate with other professionals, we suggest focusing on the waist up when you are choosing an outfit. You don’t need to wear a smart skirt if you will be sitting down for the whole meeting; a smart-casual top and a pair of jeans should be totally fine.


6. Extend The Style To Your Office Space

Your environment has the power to influence your mood; if it is pleasant it will make you feel more productive, and if it is unpleasant it will make you feel stressed and frustrated. So extend some personal style to your office space, as well as your outfit)! Make sure that your desk is always clean and tidy, and consider adding plants, flowers or candles to make the space more beautiful and calming.

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