3 tips to retain focus and get the best out of your day

How are you at focusing? I definitely have had my challenges with focus – too many distractions, too many things to do. Sometimes I can sabotage myself just by saying on repeat ‘I have too much to do’ rather than actually doing it! (Is that only me?) .

Focus IS possible however at ANY time. .

Want to know how? It’s simple… ⁠ .


We live in a world where ticking off all of the ‘to-dos’ is just not possible (think how many emails you receive in a day…). Every evening prioritise an achievable number of tasks you need or want to undertake the next day (the key word here is achievable folks)⁠ ⁠


Forward planning releases time from your day. By knowing what you are doing and when, means you also know when you have time to rest/ fill the dishwasher/ listen to a podcast. ⁠

If you find productivity hard. Focus on 20 minute power pushes on each task. Once you’ve finished a power push, take a break – make a cup of tea, put a wash on, do 10 minutes of yoga and then go back to complete the task.⁠ We naturally do this in an office but it’s much harder when you’re working from home. ⁠

Dont procrastinate

If you prioritise and plan, you can’t procrastinate. It’s as simple as that. Procrastination is the killer of efficiency.⁠


Do you have any favourite hacks you use to focus?

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