How To Grow A Business When You Have Young Children

How To Grow A Business When You Have Young Children

Growing a business can be tough, and it is even harder if you are raising children at the same time. A recent study found that entrepreneurs with children say that their primary care responsibilities are the main barrier for further success – and yet some of the most successful businesses in the world are owned by parents.

So you can certainly be a successful business owner and parent; you just need to find a healthy balance!

Here are five tips to help you grow a business with young children.

1. How To Grow A Business With Young Children: Accept Balance Won’t Happen Every Day

It is important to strive for balance whenever you can, but it is unrealistic to expect every day to be perfectly balanced. Remember that you are only in control of your own actions; you don’t control anyone else’s feelings or emotions. This can be annoying, especially if your assistant is late or your child has a tempter tantrum, but these things are to be expected. So when they happen, don’t blame yourself or assume that your life has no balance; just roll with the punches, and aim for balance tomorrow. Feeling guilty won’t help anything; it is just more likely to make you feel stressed and out of control.

2. Schedule Difficult Work Accordingly

Most business owners have lots of different tasks to do each day, and some are certainly harder than others. If you can relate to this, try doing the most difficult work when your children are at school or nursery, and then do simpler admin tasks with them while they do their homework in the evening.

3. Pause Before You Walk Inside

It can be difficult to mentally switch off after a long day of work, but it is easier if you actually take a minute to change your thought process. So pause for a minute before you step into parent mode; switch off your work phone and take off your work clothes, and make an effort to be totally present with your children.

4. Don’t Let Your Calendar Control You

Most business owners with children struggle to stick to a nine to five schedule – and that is perfectly okay! You may find that you are more productive if you start work at 6am and then spend the afternoon with your children, or you may do a few hours of admin after your kids have gone to bed.

If you have adjusted your schedule and you are still struggling to find time to spend with your family, you may want to delegate more work so that you have more free time. You could hire virtual support to help with this, or you could hire an in-person assistant; whatever suits your needs and your budget best.

5. Compromise Sometimes, But Not With Self-Care

Your needs (and sleep schedule) might take a hit when you first open your business, and you may need to make compromises sometimes – but it is important to eventually aim for a balanced life where you still have time for self-care. Sure, you may not have time to do your hobbies every day, but you should still be able to find some time every week for your passions. This will keep you happy and sane, which will benefit both your children and your business.

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