5 Handy Content Creation Tools

5 Handy Content Creation Tools
5 Handy Content Creation Tools

Most business owners understand the importance of content creation. They know that people discover new products through Twitter and Instagram, and they know that people Google reviews before buying from a new brand.

And the statistics back this up; in fact, research has found that 94% of people plan to buy from businesses that they follow on Instagram or Twitter!

So if you want your sales to increase, it is important to publish a steady stream of content on both your website and your social media channels. This can seem overwhelming for a small business owner – but we’ve got the tools to help you.

Here are five handy (and free!) content creation tools you can use to improve your content.

1. 5 Handy Content Creation Tools: Elink.io

Elink.io is a free email newsletter service that you can use to stay in touch with your customers. The website is very easy to navigate, so you don’t need to be a tech genius to set up newsletters – and the emails themselves do look very professional. You can also schedule newsletters in advance, so you can do this at the beginning of the week and then you don’t need to think about it again!

2. Grammarly

Do you write blog posts or long captions for your social media posts? If so, you can use Grammarly to make sure everything reads well. Grammarly is a writing tool that is far more advanced than a standard spell checker; it also has a tone checker, a plagiarism checker and a punctuation checker. This ensures that all of your posts seem professional – and you are also less likely to have your website penalised for plagiarism (which could negatively affect your Google website ranking, so this is very important!).

3. Canva

Improve your social media presence with Canva,jk a website that allows you to create unique and original images. It is totally free to sign up, and it is very easy to create high quality visuals (such as quotes or illustrated pictures) that you can then share on your Instagram or Facebook.

We suggest choosing a colour theme that suits your brand, and then using the same colours in most pictures you create. This will make your feed more cohesive and professional. You can also put your business name on every image, so if it is reposted people should still be able to find your business!

4. Visme

You can also use Visme to create beautiful images. Visme is better suited to creating infographics, reports and charts, so if you often post content like this, we suggest using Visme rather than Canva. There are hundreds of different templates to choose from, and it is possible to share images with other members of your team through the website.

5. Apple iMovie

Finally if you have a mac you can use Apple iMovie to create, edit and publish videos for your business. The free app allows you to create videos in 4K, and you can easily add music and effects as you go. Admittedly this can be a little time-consuming, so you may want to hire a virtual assistant to help you create and edit content – but if you have the time, this is a great way to produce high quality video content without breaking the bank!

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