How To Land Your Dream Client

How To Land Your Dream Client
How To Land Your Dream Client

Sometimes it can feel like it landing the dream client is an impossible dream – but if you have the right skills and mindset, it is certainly achievable.

It doesn’t matter if your business is a start-up with no employees, or an established company with a team; either way, you can attract clients to help grow your business.

Here are five tips to help you land your dream client.

1. How To Land Your Dream Client: Have A Great Portfolio

If a client is considering working with you, they will likely want to see examples of your work before making a decision. So set up an online portfolio to showcase previous examples of your work, and make sure it is attractive, comprehensive and professional (if you don’t have time to do this, you can hire a virtual assistant to do it for you).

2. Be Different, Stand Out!

You can increase the chances of working with your dream client by focusing on your USP (unique selling point). Ask yourself these questions; what sets you apart from other similar businesses? Why should your dream client choose you? How does your USP specifically benefit them?

Answering these questions will make it easier for you to find a unique niche for your business. This niche can then become your business USP, and it will make you more attractive to potential clients.

3. Boost Your Communication Skills

It doesn’t matter how great your business is; if you don’t have good communication skills, you will still struggle to land your dream client. You need to be able to express yourself in a professional, clear way, and it is also important to listen to the client’s thoughts and concerns. Don’t try to stream roll them with your ideas in one long email; instead try to have an open conversation that is focused on mutual values and understanding.

4. Present Your Idea In The Best Possible Way

It is also important to be able to present your ideas in the best possible way. If your client is interested but busy, it may be best to send over a concise email with bullet points to list your ideas, but if they are less sure you might want to set up a Zoom call so that you can hear their concerns. You could also create a PowerPoint presentation to show the client your ideas – just always make sure that your ideas are synced up to the client’s needs.

5. Be Willing To Negotiate

Finally it is important to understand the power of negotiation. If your dream client has concerns about your pitch, it doesn’t mean that you can’t work with them – it just means that you may need to negotiate with them!

Remember that every client has different needs and requirements; maybe they need the work done within a month, or maybe they low a low budget and they are worried about overspending. Ask the client if there is a specific reason why they are hesitant to work with you, and then thoughtfully address their concerns to see if you can make your proposal more appealing.

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