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SEO Techniques You Should Be Using

SEO Techniques You Should Be Using

Do you want to increase online engagement for your business? Do you want more sales and more clients?

If so, you should be using SEO (AKA search engine optimisation) techniques on your website. This will boost your Google ranking so that you reach more potential customers – but it is important to be aware that SEO is always evolving.

Here are six SEO techniques you should be using in 2021.

1. SEO Techniques You Should Be Using: Embrace Keyword Research

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of SEO, so spend some time doing some keyword research for your niche. Create a list of 40-50 keywords that link to your business and products, and make sure to include these keywords across your site (for instance, you could include the keywords on the homepage and on every blog post). This allows Google bots to categorise your content so it is easier for your target audience to find.

2. Think About Search Intent

When you are creating a list of keywords be sure to think about search intent. Most people who use Google are searching for something specific, and these search terms should be included in your keyword list. So don’t just use “bike business” as a keyword; instead try “cheap bikes in London” if you are selling bikes, as this is something people will actually be searching for.

3. Use Al Optimisation

AI content grows more popular with every passing day, so we suggest include a few AI-driven SEO algorithms to see which keywords/blog posts are the most popular with your audience. This makes it easier for you to refine your keywords for better results in the future.

4. Don’t Fear Voice Optimization

Smartphones have made voice search very popular. This is very efficient for users, but it can cause issues for website owners if you don’t have keywords specifically for voice searches. This is because voice searches tend to be slightly different to typed searches; queries are normally longer questions (such as “where can I find a bike shop in London?”), rather than a few key words (such as “bike shop London”). So make sure to add a few longtail keywords to your site, preferable in the form of questions.

5. Create Quality Content

High quality blog posts have always been one of the most efficient SEO techniques, and this is still true today. Google values keyword-rich content, especially if the content is being produced on a regular basis. So if you have a blog, try to do at least one or two blog posts a month – and make sure that they include relevant keywords!

6. Use Video Content

Finally it can be useful to include video content on your website (such as an introduction video, or a blog post in vlog style). This is because lots of people prefer video content to written content, so a mix of both types of content should boost your overall engagement (which will also boost your SEO ranking!).

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