Should You Update Your Website?

Should You Update Your Website?

The internet is always changing and evolving – so if you have a website, it is important to make sure that it isn’t outdated. An outdated site normally experiences lower engagement and clicks, and over time it can also fall down the Google rest page.

Thankfully it is fairly easy to make simple updates to your website – and it may not even need updating! Here’s how to work out if you should update your website.

1. Deciding If You Should Update Your Website

If you’ve recently spent time updating your website it may be totally fine (or it may just need a few small tweaks). If you’re not sure if your website needs updating, ask yourself these questions;

Does my design look outdated?
Does my website look good on mobile devices?
Are my sales decreasing?

Does my website load quickly?

Should I add extra pages to my website (such as a blog, or an FAQ page)?

Should I replace the images on my website?

Answering these questions will help you to work out if your current website needs updating.

2. Review Your Current Site

If you do decide your website needs updating, take some time to give your current website a proper evaluation. Find out what works well and what doesn’t; maybe you have high engagement on your blogs, but the website SEO could do with updating. You can also check your analytics to find out more about how successful your current site is.

3. Be Aware Of Current Trends

Once you know what needs changing, spend some time learning about current website trends. After all, things are always changing; in the past minimal designs were extremely popular, but now more and more websites are filling their pages with high quality image and video content. So check out your competition to see how their websites look, and look at other popular site to see what trends are successful.

4. Get Inspired

Finally it is time to get inspired! You know what needs changing, and you’re aware of current trends, so you can start to come up with a visual plan. You could create a moodboard with ideas and colour schemes that you like (in general, we suggest using the colours you use on your business logo to create a clear brand), or you could make a bullet point list with changes to give to a web developer. Either way, don’t rush this aspect, especially if you are paying a designer to make the changes.

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