How To Increase Sales Over Christmas

How To Increase Sales Over Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time – especially for business owners and retailers! Sales figures tend to peak during December as people buy gifts; in fact, a recent study found that most individuals plan to spend over £500 on Christmas presents, and small businesses are expected to make over 8 billion pounds.

But what can you do to ensure your sales increase over the festive period?

Here are six simple ways you can increase sales over Christmas.

1. How To Increase Sales Over Christmas: Customise packaging

One simple way to boost sales over Christmas is by offering high quality Christmas packaging. The packaging could come with every order, or you could offer the packaging for a reasonable fee. This means that people can send your gift-wrapped products directly to their loved ones, which saves them time and money. This will make your products more appealing to Christmas shoppers, especially if they need to find something quickly!

2. Join Forces With Another Small Business

Are there any businesses that are closely linked to yours? For instance, if you sell coffee you could partner with a company who make mugs to offer a giftbox. This is a great way for both businesses to be exposed to a totally new audience, which is a great way to increase ales.

3. Be Charitable

Christmas is a time of giving, so take this opportunity to be charitable. Consider donating a percentage of every sale to a charity of your choosing, and make it clear on your website that you are doing this. This will appeal to people who want to support charities, so it is likely you will see an increase in sales (and you will also be helping the world to be a better place!).

4. Offer Gift Cards

You can also offer gift cards on your website. Remember that lots of people struggle to buy for others, so they prefer gift cards. So if you offer a selection of gift cards, it is very likely that they will sell! This is a great way to boost sales, and it also helps you to find new customers who haven’t bought from your brand before.

5. Stock Up On Popular Products

Do you have some products that are far more popular than others? If so, make sure to stock up on these products. This means you are less likely to run out of products over the festive period, so sales don’t need to slow down or stop.

6. Don’t Forget About The Days After Christmas

Finally don’t forget about the days after Christmas. During this time most people are off work and scrolling on their phones, so it is a great time to offer discounted products. You could also do a 24 hour flash sale to try and keep the momentum going.

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