6 Tips To Help Parents Handle Christmas

4 Tips To Help Mums Handle Christmas

For children Christmas is a wonderful, magical time… but most parents understand that it doesn’t happen all by itself. There are presents to be bought, trees to be decorated, meal to be cooked and social events to attend, which can be pretty overwhelming. To top this all off, this year we are once again faced with fresh uncertainty and concerns around Covid-19, and fears of further restrictions.

Can you relate to this? If so, we want to help. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to make Christmas more enjoyable for mums across the UK.

Here are six tips to help you handle Christmas 2021.

1. Consider Using Biodegradable Plates

It can be tempting to use your fanciest (well, least chipped) cutlery for Christmas dinner, but if you want to make life a little easier you could go for biodegradable plates instead. This will significantly reduce washing up time, and it also means people are less likely to accidentally break something. Just try to avoid buying plastic plates, as this is very wasteful; instead go for high quality, durable biodegradable plates. You should also avoid using paper plates, as they won’t be able to handle lots of gravy without getting soggy!

2. Spend More Time With The Kids (And Less Time In The Kitchen)

Women tend to do the bulk of the Christmas cooking; in fact, a recent study found that women normally spend twice as long as men in the kitchen on Christmas day. This is normally because the um wants to make a delicious, giant Christmas dinner, but don’t get carried away with this fantasy if it means you won’t get to spend much time with your children. Instead take advantage of all the pre-prepared items (including turkeys and platters) that can be found in most supermarkets, so you only need to spend a short amount of time cooking.

3. Make Gift Giving Simple

One of the best things about Christmas is the gift giving… but in recent years things have got a bit out of hand. In fact, Brits spend around £700 million every year on unwanted Christmas gifts, which is pretty astounding. So if you have a tight budget, consider cutting down your gift giving list. Most adults aren’t that bothered about receiving gifts, so if you ask to avoid swapping gifts they will happily agree (after all, it means they will save money too), and then you will have more money to spend on gifts for the kids!

4. Don’t Worry About The Little Things

In all of the Christmas chaos it is very likely you will forget to do at least one thing. Maybe two social events will collide, or maybe you will forget to buy the pigs in blankets – either way, try not to stress it too much! Accept that there will be at least one mistake, no matter how organised you are, and that is normal; at least you succeeded with everything else.

5. Avoid Anyone Who Stresses You Out

If you don’t get along with a family member or another parent, try to avoid seeing them over Christmas. You are allowed to be happy, and you shouldn’t cause yourself more stress by forcing yourself to be around someone you dislike. Sure, you can’t always avoid them completely, especially if they are family, but you can keep visits short and spend time in big groups so your time with them is limited.

6. Say No!

Don’t be afraid to say no to social events if you are feeling stressed, tired or overwhelmed. You may feel a little guilty, but if it is a big event everyone else will be okay without you! Your main goal isn’t to please everyone; it is to please yourself and your children.

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