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Our top Christmas 2021 wrapping hacks

We’re fast approaching Christmas and the presents are piling up – here are our top 10 gift wrapping hacks to keep you in the mood.

1. Mix things up with double sided wrapping paper (Cox & Cox)

2. Go eco, with a Gift Wrapping Cloth (Anthropologie)

3. Get the children involved with some potato printing wrapping paper (Seasalt Cornwall)

4. We all love Instagram so why not personalise your pressies with one of your seasonal snaps ( Inkifi )

5. Get creative and learn how to achieve this super cute reindeer wrapping (with hobby craft)

6. Bring nature indoors this Christmas (achieve the look here)

7. Add some personalisation (boxwood clippings)

8. Or why not turn your old loo rolls into neat little Christmas gift boxes!! (Fair Ivy)

If you’re still feel you’re drowning under a pile of presents here are our top 5 wrapping tips

  1. Use a flat surface – I know we all wrap on the carpet in front of the TV, but wrapping on a table does make all the difference
  2. Use double sided tape – you will be amazed at the difference
  3. It’s all about the edges – keep them clean and straight
  4. When in doubt, put it in a box – so much easier to wrap!
  5. Don’t forget the extras – accessorising is key

Have a wonderful Christmas!









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