How To Find The Best Instagram Hashtags For Your Business

How To Find The Best Instagram Hashtags For Your Business

Instagram is one of the best apps for digital marketing. There are over half a billion active daily users (which includes around 30 million users in the UK alone!). The platform also experiences relatively high engagement compared to other apps.

But if you want to market your business on Instagram effectively, you must understand the power of hashtags.

Hashtags can connect you with hundreds (or even thousands) of potential new customers, allowing you increase both engagement and sales.

Here’s how to find the best Instagram hashtags for your business.


1. How To Find The Best Instagram Hashtags For Your Business: Don’t Just Use Popular Hashtags

One of the best ways to reach a wide range of people on Instagram is by using both larger and smaller hashtags. It can be tempting to just use the most popular hashtags (such as #shoes), but remember that people constantly use these hashtags – which means your post will quickly disappear into a sea of posts!

So try to also use some niche hashtags (such as #handmadebshoes). This means that your posts have a better chance of reaching the ‘top’ page, so you are more likely to actually reach potential new customers.


2. Check Out The Related Hashtags

If you type a specific hashtag into the Instagram search bar, you will also see a selection of related hashtags. Have a look at these hashtags to see if they relate to your business, and if they do try using them in future posts. You might find that you have more success growing your Instagram account with the suggested hashtags than the ones you were previously using!


3. Check Out Your Competition

It can also be very useful to check out your competitor’s Instagram page, especially if they have a very engaged audience. Look at the hashtags they use on their posts; do they use more or less than you? Do they use different hashtags? Are they using any hashtags that you could also use to reach new audience?

Compile a list of hashtags that you find that also suit your business – but be sure to avoid any unrelated hashtags. For instance, there is no reason for you to put #dress if you only sell shoes!


4. Use Online Hashtag Finders

Finally you may want to consider using a free online hashtag finder to help increase your Instagram engagement. There are lots of free websites and apps that will curate hashtags related to your business for you, and this is a great way to discover new or trending hashtags.

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