How to Set Achievable Goals – The Art Of Doing It All

According to Forbes, 80% of people abandon their new year resolutions by February. So, how can you set achievable goals? 

Not being the setter of unachievable goals, I’ve focused on a few that are audacious enough to feel a bit irksome in my small business, but achievable enough that we’re in with a sporting chance.

So how have I got on so far?

Moderate I’d say. January is a cruel month; we set ourselves elevated expectations without the acceptance we’re working through a massive Christmas hangover. Retail businesses see a drop in sales, service businesses suffer from burnout.

But you know what, we’ve made progress. And here’s why:

Systems and flows

Easily overlooked but crucial whatever the age or stage of your business. Great systems are there to lend you some headspace.

In small business, every tiny detail matters. But time is sort. Automating systems, having structure and organisation, allows you to focus on growth and scalability. I know you don’t want to hear it but… the more organised you are, the more time you have to yourself.

Marketing when you’re not marketing

In a notoriously quiet month, we’ve won 6 chunky mandates. Amazing right. So where did they come from when I’ve struggled to get out of bed? Answer: all the hard work I’ve put in over the last 18 months. That’s where.

Don’t get disheartened that the work you’re doing now isn’t reaping the rewards immediately. Widen your horizons – give everything a go and see what sticks. Get networking. Networking is the best marketing you can do. Tell everyone you meet what you’re looking to achieve. Execute on your day job with heart and soul. Delight your customers. Then stick to your knitting. Suddenly it will all come together.

Amazing colleagues

Having a superb team around you makes all the difference. No (wo)man is an island! Plugging skills gaps or time limitations is key. Knowing you’re not alone can often be the difference between done or none.

Bringing support into your business doesn’t have to be scary. At SpareMyTime our virtual assistants work with over 40 amazing small businesses, bring them peace of mind and help with focusing on what they do best. You can check out our services here. 

It takes time

Finally, I’ve accepted that things take time. My business is a business with soul. That takes care and attention – and constant tweaking. We’re not going to get there in 6 weeks, or even 6 months – it probably will take at least 6 years. and you know what, that’s okay.

Melissa x

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