6 Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Work Space

How To Decorate Your Home Office

Last year the government reported that over 45% of Brits worked from home at some point. This was initially due to the global pandemic, but the situation benefited both individuals and business owners – and now more and more businesses are encouraging their employees to work from home.

If you are working from home for the foreseeable future, did you know that decorating your workspace increases work productivity and overall energy? Here are six tips to help you decorate your home office.

1. Make Sure There Is Storage Space

Most jobs require some kind of equipment (as well as a laptop or a desktop computer). This could be standard office supplies, such as notebooks, paper and pens, or it could be something larger, such as transcription equipment.

So when you design your home office, make sure that efficient storage space is a priority. This could be an office desk with drawers underneath, or it could be a filing cabinet. Either way, make sure you have plenty of storage space, as this will reduce clutter and make it easier for you to stay organised.

2. Use Linen Curtains

Linen curtains are ideal for office spaces as they allow natural light to enter the office. Heavier curtains can make the space feel dark and small, and direct light can cause screen glare and headaches, but linen curtains are the perfect middle ground. They will also make the space feel more private, especially on warm days when you want the windows open.

3. Put Up A Pinboard

A pinboard is a great addition to any office space. You can use it to write down daily to-do lists so that you feel more organised, but that isn’t all; you can also use it to notes, calendars, and pics of friends and family.

4. Add Some Plants

Plants will make the space more relaxing and beautiful, and they also come with some pretty useful health benefits. Various studies have found that they can reduce stress levels, and certain plants can even improve the air quality in the room.

5. Incorporate Inspiring Office Art

Art is a great way to make a space more attractive, but some art can be pretty distracting. This is why we suggest choosing art with subtle, simple colour palettes and basic imagery. This will make the space more beautiful without taking focus away from the desk.

6. Add A Comfy Chair

Finally you may want to add a comfy chair to the corner of your home office (if you have the space!). This may seem counter-productive, but a lounge area allows you to have a more meaningful, comfortable space where you can sit when you need a break. This will also make it easier for your brain to get back into working mode once you move back to your office chair.

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