How To Regain Your Work Life Balance

How To Regain Your Work Life Balance
How To Regain Your Work Life Balance

A few decades ago, work life balance meant leaving the office at 5pm. Some people went home to spend time with their children, while other people went to the gym or spent time with friends. However work culture has changed, and now companies increasingly embrace an ‘overwork culture’ where employees are expected to be available 24/7.

Overwork culture is sadly now very popular. A recent study found that around a third of British workers don’t think that they have a healthy work life balance.

If you can relate to this, we would like to help. Here are five tips to help you regain your work life balance.

1. How To Regain Your Work Life Balance: Know Your Personal Productivity Peaks

If you are able to work flexible hours, learn your personal productivity peaks and schedule your day accordingly. Some people are at their most productive first thing in the morning, while other people feel more creative and inspired in the afternoon or evening. So work out when you get the most done, and then work during those peak times. After all, it doesn’t matter when the work is done – so long as it gets done!

2. Set Strict Working Hours

Setting strict working hours will make it easier for you to have balance in your life. Many people stay constantly on call; they check work emails when they are home, and they answer work calls at all hours of the day. This can make it really difficult to have a healthy work life balance, so set clear hours – and then stick to them. No more replying to emails during your down time!

3. Embrace Flexible Working

More and more businesses are giving their employees the chance to work flexible hours, so you may want to find out if this is an option for you. This means that you can choose hours that suit you. For instance, you may decide to switch from a 9am-5pm schedule to a 7am-3pm schedule so that you have more free time in the afternoon to spend with your children. Whatever works best for you!

4. Say No

If you are a people pleaser you may find yourself taking on extra projects and tasks at work, but if this doesn’t actually benefit you you should learn to say no. This can be tough, but ultimately it is the best option for you and your mental health. If you do struggle to say no, consider offering an alternative solution (such as suggesting that the work is delegated to a virtual support employee).

5. Establish Priorities

Juggling a full-time job and a busy personal life can be difficult, so make sure you have clear priorities within your personal life. For instance, you may realise that going to the gym and seeing your family are important to you, but your weekly yoga class is less important. If this is the case, you might choose to do a yoga class every fortnight, instead of every week.

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