How to find your why

Does your heart sink when you’re asked (again) to ‘find your why’. What does it mean, where do you start?

Here are my top tips how to find your why?

Finding your why can be a daunting task for small business founders

1) What sets you on fire. 

Makes you happy to get out of bed in the morning.  It’s usually why you’ve started your small business.  Taking myself as an example, it was my kids.  And you know what, that makes it easy for me to connect with others in the same situation.    

2) What are your key strengths.  

What is that one thing that you know you do well. For me it’s systems and flows.  Making everything seem like it’s a designed chain of events.  And caring.  I really care.  A lot.    

3) Where and how can you add value

What is your background, what makes you better than others at what you love. For me it’s 15 years managing teams in the City of London, it’s the ability to understand business and efficiencies, the ability to see order in chaos.  

4)What do others say about you.

What would your friends say behind your back? Don’t know?  Ask them.  For us, our clients love that we’re here for them, that we lighten the load, that we always deliver the goods, on time and with a smile.

Go on, give it a go. Answer the questions above and before you know it, you’ll no longer be cringing in the corner of a ‘find your why workshop’ wondering what on earth you’re doing there.

Melissa x

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