What does it mean to find your ‘why’ 

The pursuit to ‘find your why’ is a hot topic, especially when starting a business. But what does it mean and why are we all talking about it?

Great question! What happened to good old fashioned business that runs a healthy profit?  Why are we obsessed with ‘why’.  

And here lies the key in finding your own why.  Understanding what has changed in the last 20 years.  

  • Since 2008 and the banking crisis, the trust in corporations and businesses has been deteriorating.  Consumers and customers don’t trust the old model.   
  • Climate change and sustainability has been come a pressing concern. 
  • Inequality has been exposed across the globe. 
  • Digitalisation has allowed businesses to know their customers and consumers better.   There is no no reason to not know what your customers think and what they want.  
  • And all of this is documented daily on social media.  

Combined, these forces mean that many employees, customers, investors, communities and other stakeholders are asking profound questions about the structure of society and the role of business within it.  Change is needed. Change is expected.

And us, as small businesses, with our aspirations and flexibility to make a difference, are at the leading edge of making that change a reality. 

Melissa x

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