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The Best Podcasts For Working Mums

The Best Podcasts For Working Mums
The Best Podcasts For Working Mums

Podcasts are a great way to escape daily life, and they can also provide a much-needed break from the news. If you’re a working mum and you’d like to find a podcast that discusses the challenges of raising children while having a full time job, then we’ve got some recommendations for you.

Here are six of our favourite podcasts for working mums.

1. The Best Podcasts For Working Mums: Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Happy Mum, Happy Baby is a fun, light-hearted podcast hosted by Giovanna Fletcher. Giovanna has written a series of books about motherhood, and this podcast keeps the conversation going for mothers all across the globe. Episodes mostly discuss being a mum in the modern world, and there are lots of star-studded guests, including Katherine Jenkins and The Duchess of Cambridge!

2. Working Motherhood

Working Motherhood is a daily podcast (yes, daily!) with Dr. Portia Jackson. The podcast has lots of interviews with inspiring, successful working mums, and there is a lot of range. Expect to hear from CEOs, small business owners, teachers and cashiers. We love the variation here, and every episode comes with lots of useful tips you can use in your own life. One of our favourite episodes is ‘Negotiating Flexibility At Work’. This is great for any mum who is struggling with their work-life balance!

3. Wisdom For Working Mums

Wisdom For Working Mums is hosted by Nikki Lowe, and it aims to provide support and advice for working mums. The podcast covers tough subjects including mother’s guilt, and everything is approached with a positive, proactive attitude that won’t stress you out.

4. Beyond Burnout

Are you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out? If so, Beyond Burnout may help. This handy podcast is hosted by psychiatrist Dr. Tracey Marks, who runs a private practise for busy working parents who are struggling mentally.

The main goal of the podcast is to provide parents with relationship, health and wellness tips to overcome feelings of stress and anxiety. In other words, one episode actually does feel like an hour of free therapy! For instance, some of our favourite episodes include ‘How To Slow An Overactive Mind’ and ‘How To Deal With A Withdrawn Teen’.

5. Harvard Business Review: Women at Work

Harvard Business Review have their own podcast for working mums, and it is more business focused than most of the other podcasts on this list. Most episodes come with clear plans and strategies that you can use to overcome the obstacles of being a working parent. One particularly great episode is called ‘All the Help We Can Get’. This episode focuses on the pressure of being a parent (plus external support options that could help).

6. One Bad Mother

Finally we have a very light-hearted podcast that will give you a few laughs. Hosted by Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn, One Bad Mother is a comedy podcast that focuses on the (often hilarious) trails and tribulations of being a mother. This warm-hearted podcast is very relatable, especially if you’re worried about juggling a career while raising children. Some of our favourite episodes include ‘Forgiving Ourselves’ and ‘Me, Myself And I’.

Do you have any podcast recommendations for us? Let us know!

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