How To Monetise Your Blog

How To Monetise Your Blog
How To Monetise Your Blog

If you’re new to blogging you may find the process a bit arduous. It can take a while to drive traffic to the blog, and you may start to question how you can actually make money from your blog.

In reality it is fairly simple to make money from a blog. You don’t need millions of monthly clicks or new blog posts every day; you just need to get creative.

Here are five ways to monetise your blog.

1. How To Monetise Your Blog: Offer Membership Plans

If you have been blogging for a while, you will have built up a wealth of useful information and expertise. People visit your blog because it is valuable, whether you’re creating business advice, motivational content or training tips.

While the vast majority of your content should be free for users to read, you may want to consider establishing a pricing plan for more valuable content. For instance, you could create a long-form article with your most valuable tips, or you could write one blog post a month that is only accessible to paying members. This is a great way to monetise your blog, even if your following is small.

2. Put Adverts On Your Blog

If your blog consistently gets clicks, you might want to try putting adverts on your blog. Simply contact advertisers to find out how much they would pay to put a display advert on your blog. We suggest searching for advertisers in the same field as you; for instance, if your blog is about knitting, you could collaborate with a company who sell knitting supplies.

3. Sell An E-Book

If you are an expert in your field, you could sell an e-book via your blog. This could be a more in-depth book with longer form content. For example, a 400 word blog post might have an extra 400 words in the e-book. This ensures that the e-book has more value than the blog (so it is worth spending a little money on!).

4. Set Up A Virtual Summit

You could also set up a paid virtual summit that your blog members can attend. A virtual summit is a video conference with 10 or more experts in a certain field discussing a set topic. A summit can be very helpful to users, and you can also continue to sell the footage on your blog after the event is over.

5. Offer Consulting Or Coaching Services

Finally you could offer consulting or coaching services via your blog. This will be most effective if you are an expert in your field, but you can think outside of the box. After all, people will pay for all kinds of coaching services if they provide value! For instance, you could offer business advice, knitting advice, cooking advice or yoga tips; whatever your passion is.

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