How To Create Video Content On A Budget

How To Create Video Content On A Budget
How To Create Video Content On A Budget

Video content has become one of the most effective ways to market your content. Research has found that video is the main source of online information for two thirds of internet users, and this number is expected to rise. So if you want more exposure, video content is a great option – but how do you make good video content on a budget?

The answer is actually very simple. Here are three tips to help you produce high-quality video content on a budget.

1. How To Create Video Content On A Budget: Start By Creating A Strategy

Before spending any money on expensive equipment, sit down and come up with a strategy for your video content. This will make the process less stressful – and it’s also very likely that you will realise you don’t need to spend a lot of money!

Ask yourself these questions; what kind of content is best for my brand? How often do I want to post content (once a week, or once a month)? How long should my videos be? Will they require much editing?

Ideally you will start by creating simple, useful content that appeals to your audience and is easy to edit. This could be tutorials, lifehacks or Q&As about the industry you work in.

2. Invest In Equipment

You will also need some equipment to get started. You will need a camera, audio equipment and some lighting – but don’t worry about spending hundreds. If you have a smartphone that can shoot in 1080 resolution or 4k that should do the filming fairly well. This can be place on a homemade stand, such as a chair or a pile or books.

Lighting often enhances the quality of a video, but thankfully it is very easy to find cheap circle lights online. Amazon and eBay have hundreds of options!

3. Choose Editing Software

Finally you may need to download some editing software so that you can edit your videos. If you want you can pay for software, but there are also lots of free options online that are suited to beginners. Some of our favourites include Lightworks, iMovie and HitFilm Express.

The software may take a little while to figure out, but it is a great way to add an extra layer of quality to your video (and if you don’t have time to edit, you can always hire a virtual assistant to help you).

It Is Entirely Possible To Create Video Content On A Budget!

It is fairly simple to create decent video content on a budget; you just need some creativity and passion! So don’t worry about breaking the bank to buy an expensive video camera; just use your iPhone, some crafty lighting and a little video editing. It may seem overwhelming, but remember that lots of small businesses have great success creating their own video content – and you could too.

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