How to Have a Great May Half Term

How to Have A Great October Half Term

The May half-term has crept up on us – and for many working parents, this means frantically searching for fun activities to do as a family. Thankfully we have compiled lots of useful tips to help you and your kids have an awesome half term.

Here are our favourite tips for a great half-term.

1. How To Have A Great May Half Term: Get Ahead Of The Curve

Make sure you don’t have any planning stress by getting ahead of the curve. Get online and check out local events in your area, there will be lots coming up this year for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, from street parties to concerts and much more.

Speak to other working mums to set up play dates and sleepovers. This means you can both have some time to focus work, and it means your children will get to spend quality time with their close friends.

You may also need to plan for a babysitter in advance. It is better to do this sooner rather than later; after all, babysitters tend to be in more demand during the holidays!

2. Prepare For Rain

The weather in Britain tends to be pretty unpredictable, so it is fair to assume there will be a few rainy days during half term. Plan for these days by buying a few things, such as crafts or the ingredients for a chocolate cake. This means you can enjoy some quality, affordable bonding time – and it gives the kids a break from screen time!

3. Look Out For Free Activities

It can also be useful to look out for free activities in your area, especially if you are on a tight budget. Most cities have lots of fun museums, libraries and parks that are free to visit, so look online and see if there is anything that would appeal to your little ones.

4. Get Active Together

You can also use the May half-term as a chance to get active with your kids. If you live near a wood or a forest you could take your children for a wildlife walk. Just pick a scenic route and tell your children to look out for insects, animals and birds, and the walk should be a lot of fun! This will help your children to learn more about nature and animals, and it won’t cost a penny.

Or why not plan a fun picnic with friends, and games such as football, rounders or tennis for the older kids to enjoy together.

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