How To Market Your Business On LinkedIn

How To Market Your Business On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to grow your business online. With over 740 million users, there are lots of ways to establish brand awareness while building relationships with potential customers – but how exactly do you market your business on LinkedIn?

After all, LinkedIn is a very different platform to Instagram and Facebook, so you may feel a little intimidated to start with. However the platform is actually fairly simple to use; you just need to know how to get started.

Do you want to stand out from the competition? If so, here are six tips to help you market your business on LinkedIn.

1. How To Market Your Business On LinkedIn: Use Targeting To Find Customers

LinkedIn is one of the best tools for targeting people digitally. Small business owners can search for specific industries, job roles and company sizes, which allows them to connect with their perfect target audience. This is a great way to find the people who are most likely to be interested in your products.

2. Fill Out The Summary Section

The summary section is one of the most important parts of any LinkedIn business profile, yet many small business owners overlook it. Take some time to think of a good introduction for your business, and make sure to include your contact information at the end. However do be aware that you only have 2,000 characters, so you will need to choose your words wisely!

3. Focus On Connections First

It can be tempting to immediately start promoting your business to individuals on LinkedIn, but this isn’t normally a good idea. Remember that LinkedIn is a networking tools that allows professionals to connect with similar people, so focus on creating genuine connections to begin with. Once a relationship has developed, you can start thinking about asking if the other person/business wants to collaborate or buy from you.

4. Use LinkedIn To Add To Your Email Marketing List

LinkedIn is a great tool for growing your email marketing list. You can do this by sending a thank you note to each new connection, inviting them to join your email marketing campaign. Messages like this can be sent to up to 50 people at a time, and it can help to grow your email marketing list. Just make sure to offer them something of value in the newsletter (such as free tutorials or e-books).

5. Post Great Content

If you really want to drive engagement on your LinkedIn profile, you should post high-quality, original content. This content should be targeted towards your ideal audience, and it should provide them with a service. This could be useful blog posts, how-to videos or news about the industry you work in. Over time this will increase your LinkedIn engagement, which can help to generate more sales.

6. Give A Face To Your Business

Finally we suggest giving a face to your business. Encourage your employees to sign up to LinkedIn and complete their profiles, and make sure you have a profile picture. This will make your business seem more human and genuine, which can significantly increase engagement.

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