The Best Podcasts For Small Business Owners

The Best Podcasts For Small Business Owners

Podcasts are a great resource for small business owners. They are free, they are entertaining, and they can provide you with invaluable advice that allows you to stand out from the competition. But which are the best podcasts for small business owners?

After all, there are hundreds of business podcasts, and some are definitely better suited to small business owners than others! Thankfully we’ve trawled through some of the most popular business podcasts to narrow down the results.

Here are five of our favourite podcasts for small business owners.

1. The Best Podcasts For Small Business Owners: The BizChix

The BixChiz is one of the best podcasts for female entrepreneurs (especially if you’re new to entrepreneurship!). The podcast is hosted by Natalie Eckdahl, a talented career coach who has helped many women in their careers. The podcast is filled with useful, actionable business advice, which is ideal for anyone just starting out. The host also talks in depth about the specific challenges women in business face, while also providing actionable tips to help women get to the top.

2. The Diary Of A CEO

The Diary Of A CEO is a great podcast for business owners who want to stand out from the competition. It is hosted by Steven Barlett, who is fairly well-known for being the youngest dragon to feature on Dragons Den.

Steven speaks to a different industry leader every week, asking them about their journey to the top. Every story is different, and there are lots of valuable insights about how to grow as both an individual and a business. This podcast is very inspiring, and there are lots of fascinating insights!

3. Mind Your Business

Do you struggle with a negative mindset when it comes to your career or business? If so, the Mind Your Business podcast could help you. The podcast is hosted by CEO James Wedmore, and it focuses the important of a positive mindset when it comes to business. This podcast is seriously motivational; it will help you to realise that you are capable, talented and worthy of business success.

4. Without Fail

Without Fail is a business podcast hosted by entrepreneur Alex Blumberg. The host talks about common mistakes small business owners make when they first start out. Every episode has an expert guest who talks about the lessons they learned when they started their own business, and some of the advice is enlightening. Some episodes will make you smile, while others might make you cringe slightly (especially if you’ve made the mistake yourself!). Overall this podcast can teach new business owners a lot about how to succeed in the first five years – and some episodes are seriously entertaining as well.

5. Dare to Lead

If you manage a team or own a business, it is likely that you will find the Dare To Lead Podcast useful. It is hosted by business manager Brené Brown, who is best known for her viral TED Talk called ‘The Power Of Vulnerability’. She talks to different leaders in each podcast, and the main focus is the challenges management face. Every episode comes with lots of useful advice, and Brown is a really engaging, entertaining host.

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