Summer Business Tips To Help Your Business Thrive

Summer Business Tips To Help Your Business Thrive
Summer Business Tips To Help Your Business Thrive

Summer is officially here. The weather is warmer (although we could do without the heatwave that just happened!), and the kids are enjoying the summer holidays. If you own a business, you may be using this time to just chug along – but in reality, now is a great time to be proactive.

After all, you only need to do a few things right now to improve your business for the rest of 2022 (whether that’s boosting sales, or simply making the day-to-day running of your business more efficient).

Not sure how to get started? No problem; we’re here to help. Here are six summer business tips to help your business thrive.

1. Summer Business Tips To Help Your Business Thrive: Consider Your Staffing Requirements

Summer is a great time to assess your staffing requirements. If you run your business alone, ask yourself this; could I benefit from hiring an assistant or virtual support? Would this help my business to grow? This is a great way to increase or improve production for the rest of the year (which could help to drive up sales).

Alternatively, if you do have staff you can use this time to speak to them about their workload. You may find that some employees want to reduce their hours, while others are hoping to pick more hours up. Having this conversation helps to ensure that all of your staff are happy (so they are less likely to leave the business in the future!).

2. Set Up A Summer Special Offer

You could also use this time to set up a summer special offer to boost sales. This is especially helpful for businesses who struggle with slow sales during summer.

If you want more helpful tips for small business owners, check out our Instagram. We post free advice and tips every single week to help you grow your business (as well as tips to help you avoid burnout!).

3. Think About The Final Two Quarters

For many businesses, the last two quarters of the year are a busy time. Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas all need to be prepared for, so summer is a great time to start thinking about what you want to do. You may decide to do a Black Friday sale on products that you have struggled to sell during summer, or maybe you will set up a social media marketing plan for the run up to Christmas. Either way, it can be useful to look at your analytics, as this will help you to create a plan that benefits your business the most.

4. Learn A Valuable Skill

If business slows down for your during summer, you could use this as an opportunity to learn a valuable skill that will benefit your business. This could be taking a course on Google Analytics, or it could be learning more about new social media platforms such as TikTok. Whatever you think will help you to achieve your business goals!

5. Update Your Site

Many businesses use the slow summer as a chance to update their website. Doing this when there is less traffic helps to ensure a more successful launch, and it means your website will be optimised for the rest of the year. An updated site can also help to attract new customers to your site.

6. Plan A Staff Retreat

Finally you might want to use this time to reward your hard-working employees. This could be a staff party, or it could be a staff retreat where everyone gets to relax and bond together. This is a great way to show your staff how much you appreciate them.

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